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Female Force: Stephenie Meyer Getting Ready To Hit The Shelves

September 29, 2009


Thanks to Twilight Moonlighter/ Twilight Parents Examiner Kim Sherman has this great article about the writer and artist behind “Female Force: Stephenie Meyer”. Ryan Burton & David McNeil are excited as the time grows near for the release of the comic book. It is scheduled to be out according to on October 20th.

Here are the 3 Covers for the upcoming comic book, BlueWater Productions will have two editions be specifically sold only at Dazzled by Twilight & 98331 Gear.

The first exclusive version will be sold solely at Dazzled by Twilight, and a second version will be available only at 98331 GEAR in Forks. “We are very excited for this opportunity to work with such talented artists. At 98331 GEAR we pride ourselves on having high quality, unique items for Twilight fans to purchase”, said Staci Chastain, one of the owners. “We carry very few of the mass produced merchandise, opting to carry higher-end versions. Our clientele is finicky and we like that about them. This is why we chose to team up with BlueWater Productions when approached. They offered a totally unique cover to a wildly popular comic book”.

If you are interested in ordering the special edition ones go to the Dazzled by Twilight store and 98331 Gear store to place your pre-order! Also you can order from

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