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Interview with the Twi-Guys!

September 16, 2009

So my idea is to interview the local Twi-Guys that I know and get their thoughts on what they think of the book, the movie, the characters and then post their thoughts and hopefully show the rest of the world that it’s not just women who love the book, I know Kaleb Nation the OG Twilight Guy started a revolution of some sort to let guys know it’s okay to read it and to like it.

In my world of where I live, I have 3 Twi-Guys the first one is my sister’s boyfriend Victor. I had told my sister about the books and I told her she had to read it, she finished and re-read my set of books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and was looking for something to read. I told her to read Twilight and she was hooked. She has the attention span of a goldfish which is why she STILL hasn’t finished the series, but her and Victor both read Twilight and he absolutely LOVED it, he already digs vampires and it interested him so when they would read it, she would read it to him if he didn’t feel like reading and vice versa and soon he finished New Moon as well.

Then there is these 2 guys who I am friends with who are so not who I thought would like Twilight, I honestly thought they would make fun of me because I liked it. But as soon as they saw my Twilight shirt they thought it was cool, they sat and talked about the movie with me (they haven’t read the books but I’m trying to get them to lol) and Eric is Team Jacob all the way and Juan is Team Edward. I love listening to them talk about it. It’s effin adorable! 🙂 They plan on going with us to the pre-screening of New Moon on Nov. 10th and to the premiere on Nov. 16th! 🙂 They sounded more excited to be there than we did LOL (we as in my bestie Jasmine and I)

So hopefully I can get some questions together to ask them and maybe you all can think of something for me to ask and I will ask them!

If this sounds interesting to you please let me know. I would love some feedback. 🙂


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