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Latest News 09/01/09

September 2, 2009

Hobo Skate Company collaborated with Stephenie Meyer to bring the first merchandise for “The Host”. Everything looks pretty bad ass, check out the deck that I liked right here!


New Moon pre-sale tix are being sold on Fandango for select theaters, unfortunately not near me dangit!!! LOL


Twilighters Anonymous posted something about a Variety’s about a Virtual world for Twilight on Habbo. So not happy about that, I don’t really like that site, but who knows, if they make it fun then maybe….


MTV Video Music Awards will be premiering an extended New Moon trailer! Sweet balls!!!


Peter Facinelli stumbling through lines, totally cute. 🙂


Retweeting to David Slade to get him to post Rob’s early lighting pics!!!

Can we please see Rob’s early camera lighting test pictures since you posted Taylor’s? Thank you! RT everybody! 🙂 @david_a_slade

Oh I have more, but I’m too lazy it’s frikkin hot because of these fires going on and what not! blah….

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