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Neglecting my site!

July 24, 2009

Sorry for neglecting the site lately.

I’ve just been caught up with stuff at home, work and just trying to get back into being back in California and I hate that I haven’t been around. I’ve neglected affiliates and adding them on, I will add those who requested to be affiliates as soon as I can!!!

Also if there is anyone who would like to help out and post news and stuff, I am lookin for someone I can trust to help me with the site. I’d like to keep it alive if I can. I just can’t post all the time. I wish I did.

I’ve seen alot of stuff out there about New Moon lately and it’s exciting!

The scenes shown at Comic Con, Justin Chon @ Comic Con, the Comic Con photo call (great photos by the way!) I saw them at!

I saw on ABC news today a snippet of video of New Moon invading Comic Con in SD, it’s pretty crazy out there. I’m kind of glad I didn’t go. I would have HATED IT! Too many people, it would have annoyed me LOL.

New cover for the “New Moon” book. Which looks great as well I should go get that one lol….

Also Cam and New Moon did not win at the New Now Next awards on the Logo Channel, but it’s okay there’s always next year.

I heard from my old job the Little Nickel, that they got a signed autograph of Robert Pattinson for letting them use the paper in the movie! I’m so jealous I could spit LOL.  I have yet to get a photo of it. I will keep ya’ll posted on that.

Last thing I would like to apologize to Kristin from for not being around and not being able to create her graphic for her site. I’ve see it now and it looks amazing. It was better that I didn’t do it lol. But I still would like to apologize to her.

Also to Brittness at Touched by Twilight I miss ya tons and will email you soon!

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