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Robert Pattinson Dream #5

April 13, 2009

I forgot to post this, I’ve been meaning to, I had this dream of Robert Pattinson again and some of the cast.
The way it starts is that I’m in school or at least at a school, I am not sure if I go there or I’m just there. I don’t remember, but I was there. Anyway it seemed like I was there as an extra maybe? Because no one was stopping me from walking near the cast and I was just kind of hanging out. Everytime I tried to talk to Rob, someone got in my way. I don’t remember much more except just being near each of the cast, not really talking to them but just close to them *shrugs* lol.

The weird part about this is that I had this the morning those recent set photos came out two or three days ago. I haven’t seen those photos until later that afternoon and I realized why those photos looked so familiar because it was in my dream!!!! Weird right?

Yeap that’s my story. 🙂

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