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Robert Pattinson Dream #4

April 5, 2009

I don’t know why I dream about him all the time. I didn’t even think about him yesterday LOL. I watched Across the Universe though. WONDERFUL MOVIE!!!! Loved it so much!

Anyway as for my Robert Pattinson dream a bunch of us went to dinner. I think I won something where I got to have dinner with the cast or something. I knew it was the cast because I could see the features on their face and I could tell it was them even though it was blurry in my dream.

I was sitting next to Taylor, across from Nikki, Kristen and Rachelle and on my other side was Jackson. I think next to Rachelle was Robert. I’m trying to think of it now but it’s getting fuzzy now. Anyway I got to talk to them and just ask them questions it was one of those montages where you can see everyone talking and having a great time but you can hear what their saying. LOL. I finally get a chance to get up and go outside for a moment and Rob comes outside with me to have a cigarette and I get to talk to him on my own. I can’t really make out what we’re saying (I think this was an omniscent moment) We make light conversation, and he’s quite the chatter and has the most dorkiest laugh and it’s hard not to find him endearing when he laughs at himself and smiles.  I felt like Winona Ryder’s character in Mermaids when she’s talking to Joe (Michael Schoeffling?) All I could think about his like being close to him and I think wanting to kiss him and I couldn’t bring myself to ask him out for a drink, we got distracted by fans asking for autographs and pictures and I got kind of pushed back from all the people trying to talk to him.

I found myself just in the back while he signed and did the photo ops and I could see him stealing glances at me and giving me the look like “I’m sorry” and I just smiled back letting him know it was okay.  He seemed like the coolest guy. I have a feeling with all these dreams I keep having that I might get to meet him and he’ll turn out to be the guy I think he is. lol.

What would suck is if I met him under a stressful moment and he was a jerk because of all the mass hysteria going on and I got to meet him at the worst moment. 😦  Sad day lol.

I hope when I move back to California and I know he’s back in California that I’ll run into him in LA since I lived like only 20-30 minutes from there and I know alot of the area. 🙂 I’ve seen him hit up places that I’ve been to so hopefully I will run into him or at least see him from afar and have that ‘oh wow i can’t believe I just saw him moment’.

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  1. Emily permalink
    April 7, 2009 2:22 pm

    I had my first dream about him last night. I won some contest to meet him. So, when I went to the set at Universal Studios (don’t ask why they filmed there, lol) me and 10 others got to reenact some scene with him and we got to play the part of Bella. We had to fall 30 feet and he would catch us kind of like the way he caught Bella in Twilight during the car wreck scene. Well, when I saw one girl do it, I freaked out. What if I passed out or hypervenalated in hes face. Lol. So, I slipped out of the room to escape possible embarresment. I later tried to meet him at some cast party thing, but only got within 5 feet of him. Sad day. :[ Ha.

  2. Laura permalink
    June 7, 2009 5:56 pm

    I just dreamed about Robert Pattinson, and it was so long and felt so real that I looked online and saw so many people with the same types of dreams, haha! In my dream I met him in some kind of pub or bar, and we were sitting across from each other at a small table. I kept trying to tell him how much I loved his movie How To Be and how funny and at the same time oddly very sad it was to me, but fans kept coming up and interrupting us, just as they did in your dream. It was frustrating, actually, because I never got two words in haha. Anyway I eventually left and we later met at some kind of event.. I can’t remember but I know my family was there? He saw I was upset that I wasn’t able to talk to him and kept trying to come up to me, but this random chick kept running up and trying to pull him away from me, so the whole dream, as we attempted to talk, we had to run away from this obnoxious girl. Hmm, I also remember being on a boat and holding hands? It’s all slipping away now.
    …I can’t imagine what Robert Pattinson would think of all these girls dreaming of him.

  3. Keesh permalink
    July 6, 2009 7:29 am

    We were at this family’s house. We are under attack and we sneak a peek out the window. Vampires surround the gated house. We run to a small bathroom and Rosalie guards the door. I then realize that it’s the Volturi, and I need to be changed and they’ll go away. We rummage through the cabinet drawers looking for a syringe. I tell him to hurry and just bite me, as I not getting any warmer. He glances up at me, which makes me blush, and I correct myself, “Okay, maybe I am.” I then realized that afterward we can be ‘together, together’ and we share a stressed smile. I am then changed in an instant, with no pain, and we run to the window to see that the vampires are gone. Before we can celebrate, the werewolves show up. Back to the bathroom, where other words are shared, but let’s keep this post PG.

  4. lilac permalink
    April 21, 2010 2:43 pm

    I had a dream about him about a week ago and he was a bit of an ass in my dream. I don’t know why, but I felt that he was obnoxious although I remember admiring him nonetheless because his attitude was not hurtful, just maybe a tad much self-centered. Anyways, he’s insanely hot so whatever my dreams make him out to be, it doesn’t hurt to have him there. 🙂

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