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‘Twilight’ Stars Mingle With Fans!

March 23, 2009


‘Twilight’ Stars Mingle With ‘Wonderful Fans’ In Beverly Hills
Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre promoted the just-released DVD at Kitson.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — In a wild, wacky weekend that had Hollywood’s newest young stars darting all over the country in planes, trains and automobiles, the stars of “Twilight” celebrated the DVD release of their film, helping to sell more than 3 million copies.

On Friday evening, MTV News caught up with Ashley Greene as she jumped behind the counter at a Hot Topic. On Saturday, Ashley turned up again with Kellan Lutz and Rachelle Lefevre at a Kitson in-store appearance.

“Are we shopping?” Lefevre asked. “I hope we’re shopping, because I’m eyeing stuff. They have ‘Twilight’ couture, so instead of the regular merchandise, it is bejeweled and bedazzled, and the T-shirts are really soft!”

“We’re here at Kitson with a bunch of wonderful fans,” explained Greene, whose hair was about a foot shorter just 14 hours after her Hot Topic appearance (we don’t want to reveal her secret, but it rhymes with “shmair extensions”). “We’re hanging out, chatting and shopping with lots of wonderful fans.”

The previous evening, “Twilight” stars had popped up all over the country at DVD-release parties: Nikki Reed in Chicago, Edi Gathegi in NYC, Peter Facinelli in Washington — although Kellan Lutz confessed that his pajama party was a bit of a dud.

“We were all ready in our Snuggies. We baked some cookies, we had some sugar-free Red Bull, some popcorn — and no DVD!” Lutz revealed. “We thought that we were gonna get the DVDs ahead of time, because [the studio] asked us where we wanted the DVDs sent, and then they didn’t get to us in time. So then we tried to go to Wal-Mart — and good luck with that!”

Instead, Lutz and Greene didn’t even get copies for themselves until late Saturday afternoon, when they were finished signing at Kitson.

“I went to Salt Lake City, Utah, at a Wal-Mart. They told me there was a couple thousand people,” Lefevre said of her previous evening spent signing autographs and sweet-talking store managers. “I actually got a copy yesterday, because I was at Wal-Mart, and there were thousands of them! I just looked at the manager of Wal-Mart and I [pointed to myself], and he was like, ‘No problem.’ But I haven’t had time to watch it!”

“I’ve signed the DVD,” Greene shrugged. “I’ve seen the cover!”

As a huge mass of paparazzi stood on the sidewalk snapping pictures through the windows, the “Twilight” stars continued signing copies of a DVD they hadn’t yet been able to watch. Between signatures, Rachelle told her co-stars that she wanted to organize a night for the entire cast to get together and play the new board game; Kellan overruled security guards who tried to stop fans from taking pictures (“C’mon, they’re my cousins!” he insisted); and Ashley flipped through a “Twilight” calendar to see whether she or Lefevre got February (the two actresses share the birthday month).

“How many girls sat on your lap?” Rachelle marveled after the signing, looking at Lutz.

“We don’t kiss and tell,” he teased.

“Is Charlotte still here?” Lefevre asked, calling out for the little girl who wore a candy necklace and an oversize T-shirt that read “Peace. Love. Twilight.” “Is Charlotte in the house? Oh, my God, we are going to adopt this little girl with the candy necklace.”

Within seconds, Charlotte ran behind the autograph table and hopped back onto Lutz’s lap.

“Come talk to MTV with us,” Lefevre grinned. “This is our fan of the day!”

“And she has candy,” laughed Lutz, a confirmed aficionado of sugary treats. “She knows me so well. I love it.”

“It looks good on you, Kellan,” Lefevre teased. “We’ve gotta find you a Mrs. Lutz.”

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