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News Round Up 02/16/09

February 15, 2009

Gah I’ve been behind with all the news, but I will just sum up everything because I know everyone knows about it! 🙂

  • Paris Hilton crushing on Rob Pattinson

    • Are you kidding me….she’d ruin him LOL….nah, I just think she’d probably end up not liking him…he doesn’t seem her type….and vice versa….
  • Taylor Lautner’s birthday

    • Dangit I can’t believe I forgot to post about his birthday! 😦 Happy Belated birthday Taylor
  • KStew and Spunk Ransom presenting at the Oscars

    • Fancy! I’m excited to see that! 🙂
  • New Parody of Twilight, The Hillywood Show

  • I Kissed A Wolf video lol….(warning Eclipse and Breaking Dawn spoilers)

  • Twilight & It’s Terrible Message

    • Wow, I read this and I was like….dang such a hater….not everyone who writes books are Nobel Prize winners or rocket scientists, it seems a bit harsh. Even by Stephen King. 😦
  • Up and coming contests for some of our affiliate sites!

    • I’m excited about these I can’t wait for all the info from our fellow affiliates!
  • Justin Chon’s new interview with Touched By Twilight

    • Great new interview with Justin about his upcoming movie “Crossing Over”
  • Join fellow Twilighters by supporting and donating for the Victoria Bushfire Relief!

  • New Vanity Fair Outtakes over at Everglow |

    • This is my favorite photoshoot of all them them so far…. 🙂 I love seeing new outtakes!
  • New Twilight stills over at Lion_lamb LJ

  • Hilary Duff wants a part in ‘New Moon’

  • Upcoming Twi-Con in San Fran the Salute To Twilight  Twi-Tour brought to you by Creation Entertainment

    • tw_779x195_sf

I do have more news, I will post more tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!!


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