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Solomon Trimble Answers Our Questions!

February 10, 2009

Thank you to Nicole for giving us the opportunity to get questions to Solomon for us! Now here are the answers to those questions! Thanks also goes to the fans and staff over at Touched By Twilight for the questions! Last but not least THANK YOU SOLOMON!!! 🙂


During your interview with the Lexicon, your brother still did not know that you were cast as Sam Uley. With as popular as the movie has become, has he finally learned about it? And if so, what was his reaction?

Well he hasn’t read the books, but with everyone in my family talking about it it’s not like he has to.  When the box office numbers came out for the first weekend he said “I get half!”

What was your reaction after reading Breaking Dawn? (An article said you read the first 3 books in one sitting, this is assuming you did) Did you feel overall it was a great ending to a phenomenal series?

I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for the small population that has not read it so I’ll just say Sam is my favorite even more now.  I loved the ending and the plot twist choices made in BD, it really set this series apart from other Vampire novels.

What is the strangest fan encounter you’ve had thus far?

She’ll be mad I called her a fan, but the encounter was more than strange…  About two years ago I traded numbers with a girl on a city bus while on my way home from the gym.  She never called, but I never called her either, stupid ‘ who calls who first’ rules! Anyway, I got a phantom text on my cell.  I had saved her number in my phone and I immediately remembered her, here is the quoted text “You never called. I know you’re in Twilight, my favorite movie. If you don’t take me out on a date I’ll post your # online. There is no escape :)” At first I thought this girl was crazy, and then I remembered saying to her in our original conversation “There is no escape.” so it was kind of cute she remembered one of my ‘isms’. Yeah, so we went out and had coffee…

Assuming you will continue to play Sam, what scenes would you look forward to filming in New Moon?

I want to shoot a flash back scene to when Sam first phased.  I think I would have fun with it. If there isn’t a flash back, I think any scene where the whole wolf pack is together would be interesting to shoot.   I wonder how all of us are going to pick up each other’s mannerism so we all move as one.

How do you feel about possibly becoming a bigger player in the coming movies than in Twilight?

I’m ready.  I’ve been working out for 2 hours a day every day for so long now, and eating an ungodly amount of chicken and drinking horrible weight gainer.  I’ve been learning and writing powwow songs in Quileute and re-reading the books and working with an acting coach, just submersing myself in this.  I’m probably too focused, I don’t know the last time I watched T.V. or did anything non-Twilight related. I use poetry as an outlet, but even it has a Twilight flavor as of late.

When did you first learn to grass dance?

I was about four or five when my great-uncle Wendell Jenise took me aside.  I’m going to vent a little here but all my life I’ve gotten criticism from other dancers and elders, because I dance really hard instead of stepping gracefully. The reason I dance the way I do is because my uncle told me “Every step is a prayer, every prayer should be taken seriously, the function of a grass dancer is to stomp grass, not win competitions.”  I also remember him teaching me hoop dancing but I was eight when I stopped that, I should start again, hmm…

Where’s the ultimate place (anywhere in the world) you would live in? And why

Rowe Mesa, New Mexico, United States.  My grandfather Servando Trujillo had land out there, I don’t know what happened to the land rights after he passed away.  I know historically the land was of the Jamez pueblo people. I haven’t been back since he passed though.   I never felt more at peace than in the desert.  There is no light pollution from street or city lights, no matter the cut of the moon you can see clearly at night. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where it’s calm and quiet enough to hear your own heartbeat at a near deafening volume.

What is the one thing you cannot live without?

My niece and my nephew, Paloma and Falcon, age 5 and 2. They’re both the reason I continue to stay focused. Over my life I lost most my elders, and in the span of 4 years I’ve lost 2 family members and 3 of my closest friends, my little ones remind me that you cannot see the future with tears in your eyes.  I also don’t think it’s fair to them for me to mope around because they will never meet those who have passed on.  They deserve to see me strong and happy; I don’t want to remembered as the “emo uncle” . Watching them grow is something I cannot live without.

What’s the most interesting role you’ve had?

Besides getting to play the alpha wolf in the best movie series in history, I played a half breed fairy in the film “7 Ravens.”  I had no lines throughout the entire film, just “presence”. There were lines written, but the first day the director said “try the whole thing without saying anything.” It worked out great. There was a ‘death’ scene of my character’s sister and I had to show the angst and pain without saying anything, it was hard and strange, a very interesting experience.

Why did you audition for Twilight?

There are many reasons. I wanted to help my brother audition.  I also missed going to audition myself and I know that there aren’t many Native American actors out there.  I had stopped auditioning for a few years to focus on college but honestly I missed creating an alternate reality and stretching the bounds of my own personality.  I’m also very proud of who I am and the histories I come from.  I always take the chance to represent my heritage and to be a positive role model for Native youth as well as take every chance to bring an authentic experience to the rest of the world. I don’t regret holding off on chasing fame though, an education can never be taken away.

What was your favorite part of making Twilight?

My favorite part was watching all my prep come alive on the big screen; working with wardrobe a few weeks before the shoot and learning Quileute. I loved getting the chance to sing a song I wrote in Quileute as the sun went down, sadly it didn’t make it to the screen but I think it may make it on the behind the scenes when it come out on DVD.  It was amazing to me that so much preparation went into only a fraction of the film. I have more respect for the industry now.

Have you always been interested in acting?

Always, since I can remember.  I’ve been going to open casting calls and performing since I was nine.  I guess it just took the right circumstance to be found.


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