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Got some news for ya finally….

January 21, 2009

Sorry I’ve been busy for a bit and well it’s not fun catching up with all the news lol…..hmmmm let’s see what did I read today…..

Rob’s been spotted a few times in the UK by some fans per Perez Hilton

Edi being “jealous” that Rob’s been “reading” the script before he has when he’s barely even in ‘New Moon’.

Justin Chon being announced to attend “Eternal Twilight” convention in the UK….

Rob doesn’t actually have a permanent home….so they say…..

Rob did a open mic night.

Kristen attending the Sundance Film Festival, her movie is out in March. I think it’s March 27th? I forget. lol….

New V-Man outtakes

Anna Kendrick to join cast of ‘Pilgrim’ with Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and Brie Larson.

A couple of fan made ‘New Moon’ trailers by Kat and Tiffany (who’s known for making pretty good videos)

Ashley Greene photoshoot for Hollywood Life Magazine Winter 2008

Twilight Media has tons of new photos of Kristen and Elizabeth from the Sundance Film Festival who were there promoting their movies!

Starz Bunnies do Twilight!

Check out my Obamicons!!! Vote on them too! 🙂

I totally had more news but I am sidetracked making some new graphics lol….so I’ll be back tomorrow for sure with some more….

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