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Twilight/New Moon News as of 01/07/09

January 7, 2009

Everyone’s posted the same thing and I feel like I don’t need to post it all LOL….so I’ll let the bigger sites post the news I don’t feel like posting since everyone will look their first soooooooo let’s get to it…

  • Rob didn’t like wearing the contacts while filming Twilight
  • Rob sucks at dating….so he says….lol…
  • RUMOR: Rob & Kristen Dating
  • RUMOR: Rob & Nikki Dating
  • His sisters dressed him up in girls clothing and called him Claudia
  • Taylor Lautner is confirmed to play Jacob Black
  • DVD cover artwork has been released
  • Stephenie’s updated her website with news of Taylor’s confirmation.
  • – my new favorite twilight community!!!!! 🙂
  • My new Twilight layout on myspace… kudos to and the layout’s creator
  • RUMOR: Rob Dating his sister??? ewww lol….
  • New ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Clip from MTV
  • New Promotional pics from Twilight
  • Kellan and Ashley partying it up on New Years!
  • New Twilight Parody/Spoof
  • Lots of New Twilight Merch at Hot Topic
  • Twilight Perfume a Knockoff?
  • Twilight DVD Parties
  • TwiChurch

I think that’s all I can think of right now…

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  1. January 7, 2009 8:58 pm

    So much news this week! too bad NO ONE can find out where rob pattinson has been since 12/22 🙂

    i’m glad that jacob is in!!!

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