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National Ledger – Robert Pattinson joins Miley Cyrus & Paul Reiser in celebrity death hoax.

January 1, 2009

source: National Ledger

Paul Reiser Survives Death Defying Entry Online
By Julie Pike
Jan 1, 2009
Paul Reiser has survived an ever so brief entry into the online death world that has nabbed many stars.  A report from E! online notes that 90’s TV sitcom “Mad About You” star Paul Reiser is the latest star to be prematurely killed off online.  in a death defying leap he has bounced back but briefly he had a line in his Wiki entry that claimed him dead.

“On December 27th, 2008 Reiser was discovered dead in the Squallahassee River where he reportedly enjoyed fly fishing,” the amended entry read. “No foul play was suspected.”   Fortunately for Paul it was all a hoax and he is alive and well.

Many other celebs have suffered the online death hoax including Miley Cyrus and the hunky vampire star of Twilight, Robert Pattinson.  Susan Hatch had that report when everyone was trying to kill off the two hot young stars last year in November.

She wrote at the time, “Is Robert Pattinson dead?  The star of “Twilight” is rumored to be dating Camilla Belle and also there is speculation that he is dating Kristen Stewart anf now there is an Internet hoax claiming he id dead. He might be dead sexy but thankfully he is still alive.  Welcome to the world of stardom, Robert Pattinson now you join the likes of Miley Cyrus as being dead online.”


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