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My thoughts on Michael Copon vs. Taylor Lautner

December 19, 2008

Seriously I think this is getting out of hand.  First off, no one liked Rob as Edward when they first found out he was playing Edward, they all had their “ideal” version of Edward and who should play him. Same goes for every other character for the Saga.

Stephenie herself wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward.

As for people saying that he’s been “talking crap” or “talking bad” about Taylor, how do you know people aren’t hyping up this so called “war.”  What if you all are taking what he “said” out of context?  It states he “has nothing against Taylor” so obviously he has respect for him. When he stated that he is bigger than Taylor and has more muscle he’s just stating that he happens to be the size the “bigger Jacob” should be.  About the “cliff notes” comment, well yeah that’s totally lame lol. So what.

He’s an actor like the rest of them.  Like I’ve said before he has a great opportunity for an amazing part in a great series of upcoming movies. He doesn’t HAVE the part yet. But everyone’s acting like he already has it.  If you had the opportunity to have a great part in a popular series film that will probably make your career wouldn’t you want to take it?

Taylor has been doing his part with beefing himself up and he will most likely keep his place as Jacob Black. So I don’t think everyone should be worrying too much. I’m sure if Chris wants to keep all the fans on board he will keep Taylor.

I totally fell in love with Taylor watching him on screen as Jacob Black and I couldn’t wait to see him in New Moon so don’t think I’m a Taylor hater because I’m not.

I’m just hoping people realize what their saying, I know it’s not me that their talking about but that just sucks with alot of the stuff their saying.

Despite the speculation of Michael taking his place, I really think people shouldn’t talk about him like that. Calling him all kinds of names and defacing his Facebook and that club. That totally upsets me only because I’m not a mean person lol and I hate when people talk bad about people.  *shrug* ( I didn’t even bag on Chris Weitz when I found out about him signing on to New Moon.)

I’ve met the guy before and he was completely sweet.  Which is why I’m defending him.  I know I’m going to get slammed for this but I just had to put in my two cents. Anyway I’m totally “Team Switzerland” with this controversy and I hope there are other people who are thinking rationally and just wait til we find out.


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