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PopStar – Michael Copon Interview

December 18, 2008

source: PopStar

Michael Copon for Jacob Black

Posted by cjoyce on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 4:15pm

We are completely and utterly smitten with Michael Copon after having the chance to speak with him this afternoon.  With all the rumors running around the Internet we wanted to go directly to Michael to hear the truth about New Moon.  Michael Copon gets candid with PopStar about his upcoming roles, his passions, and his thoughts on Jacob Black.

I am going to say it guys.  You might not like to hear it, but I am going to say it anyways.  I think that Michael Copon would do an incredible job as Jacob Black in New Moon.  After speaking with him this afternoon I was able to truly grasp his passion for art, plus I was checking out pictures of him from Scorpion King 2 and he really has the physique that Stephenie paints Jacob to have.

Michael Copon Interview

PopStar:  You have a couple of great looking movies coming out in 2009.  Can you tell us a little about the projects?

Michael Copon:  First off, I have a film called We Got The Beat that I co-produced.  The movie stars are Rob Hoffman, Ryan Pinkston, and Lauren Breckenridge.  This was a cool project that we have put together over the past two years about the first ever boy band in 1982.  It is Napoleon Dynamite meets Spinal Tapp meets Super Bad!  We are going to take the film to the festivals and try to kill it there like Napoleon Dynamite did.  The next movie that I have coming out is Night of the Demons remake which stars Terminator’s Edward Furlong and Shannon Elizabeth.  This is a remake of the old 1988 film and the plot is that a bunch of kids have a house party and come across something they shouldn’t have.  The film is out in ’09.

PopStar:  We have read that you are an inspiring musician.  Can you give us details?

Michael Copon:  I have been doing music for about eight years but I have really gotten into it hardcore over the past four years.  I was signed to Transcon Records a long time ago as a kid and was going to do the whole pop but then I really did not think that it was my direction.  I feel like you have only one shot to make, one impression to make to the world, and that is how they are going to remember you.  Very rarely are you able to switch over like Justin Timberlake or even Shia LaBeouf did.  It is important what you do first off.

PopStar:  One of your most notable roles was playing Felix Taggaro on One Tree Hill.  What was that experience like?  Do you still follow the stories lines from the show?

Michael Copon:  I don’t currently follow the plot line of the show and after I left the show I stopped watching.  The show was a great opportunity and it was a great starting point for me.  I did not really study acting until after I left One Tree Hill.  I was seen a lot on that show and I really felt that I could have done better today because of the experience.  I wish people got how I am able to carry a character from start to finish like I did in the Scorpion King.  I really dove into that character and created something that was unlike me.

PopStar:  You mentioned that you have done some producing in the past.  Want to tell us about it?

Michael Copon:  I am in the process of getting new projects off the ground.  But currently the only project that I am producing is my girl group, the G-Girlz.  I am featured on one of their tracks.  Check them out at

PopStar:  Can we talk Twilight?

Michael Copon:  I think that it is pretty clear that there are huge rumors going around the Internet about me up for the role as Jacob Black.  At this point, they are only rumors.  There are a lot of opinions going around on the Internet about this role.  It is definitely a role of a lifetime and I would love to have that chance.

PopStar:  Have you read Twilight?

Michael Copon:  I have just started reading Twilight.  Everyone kept saying that it was the best book in the world so I had to go and read it.

PopStar:  What is your favorite charity to be involved with?

Michael CoponOperation Smile is one charity that I am most part of.  The organization was created in my hometown of Virginia.  Operation Smile travels all around the world and operates on children that are born with cleft lip who often die because they can’t eat or breathe properly.  Another charity, Shaken Baby Alliance is personal to me because my brother suffers from it.  My brother was adopted at the age of one and had Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Currently, my brother is doing amazing and it shows with the right love and care you can change a kid’s life.

PopStar:  On a lighter note, how about those Cowboys?

Michael Copon:  I’m really glad, nothing against you guys in New York that we won against New York last week.  Romo came back so strong and is killing it.  I really hope that since we are in the Wild Card that we can still go all the way even though we are the underdogs.

PopStar:  Do you have a message for your fans?

Michael Copon:  I want to thank everyone that has supported me to this point.  I have really grown emotionally as a person and I have also grown as an actor, singer, dancer, painter, and generally everything else.  I want to thank everyone that has supported me as an artist.

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