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December 18, 2008

source: CityNews

Actor Peter Facinelli Talks Twilight

Wednesday December 17, 2008

I got a free ticket to see Twilight. Not that I wouldn’t have gone anyway – I love vampires and movies aimed at teenagers – I just wouldn’t have gone so soon.

It turns out, two weeks after its November 21 release, I was late to the party.

In the row ahead of me, a group of high school students was settling into their seats.

“How many times have you seen it?” one asked.

“It’s my third,” admitted another.



“First?” they squealed. “It’s your first time? You’re a Twilight virgin! Virgin! EEEEEEE!”

And so it began.

They had much in common with the young protagonists, Isabella Swan (known as Bella and played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (known as ohmigodIamgoingtomarryhimohmigod and played by Robert Pattinson), for whom sex is literally deadly.

But it’s the patriarch of the Cullen clan I’m interested in, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Played by Peter Facinelli, he’s a former vampire hunter whose 16th century mission to rid the world of the scourge went terribly awry when he was turned into one himself.

Now living among the humans in Forks, Washington, he makes his family of six lead a “vegetarian” lifestyle. That is, they only feed on animals. And he himself only turns people into vampires when they would have died of natural causes. Edward, for example, would have tragically perished of Spanish influenza had Dr. Cullen not intervened.

“He’s kind of started a new way of life for vampires because most vampires, they live off humans,” explains Facinelli in a telephone call.

“He’s the doctor in this small town, living a secret life.”

And though his character is frozen in time at the age of 23, he’s playing the dad. When I tell him it’s a far cry from his role in Can’t Hardly Wait, the last teen epic he starred in, he laughs.

“You mean I’m not the hunky male lead?” he jokes.

“It was a little funny being the old guy, because I’m not that

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