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Robert Pattinson News 12.17.08

December 17, 2008

First of there’s lots of talk about Rob playing Johnny Depp’s ‘Jack Sparrow’s’ brother. I find that mildly hilarious at the thought of a ‘Mini-Me’ for Jack Sparrow. I am totally sure that he could pull off being a pirate.  I’ve seen the videos of him walking out of bars kind of hammered it’s pretty laughable.  I’ve done the same myself. I’m sure I talk like a pirate when I’m hammered! LOL.

Anywho.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon there’s been a lot of buzz about it so someone/Disney needs to confirm that soon so I can have more to talk about and discuss more about it. 🙂

Scripts are being thrown left and right at him and he seems to be making pretty good choices, ‘Little Ashes’ will show how broad his acting skills can go. 🙂 Same with ‘Parts Per Billion’ and I dig pretty much anything with Rosario Dawson anyway. ‘New Moon’ should be awesome and I will definitely enjoy the Italy scene due to Alice’s lines in that part.

The speculation about Camilla and Rob.  Who cares really. They’re young, let them be happy, but if she’s cheating on Joe Jonas, then shit give her the boot. She’s not worth the heartache. Boo to you Joe Jonas for breaking Taylor Swift’s heart too. It’s called Karma bitches! 🙂 LOL Sorry for the cussing but hey, you can’t always sugar coat everything.

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