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blog: hangukdrama – twilight review

December 17, 2008

source: hangukdrama

I love reading reviews of the movie, it’s so funny how people react to it, some are either “oooooh rob” and squeal at the screen every time he’s on screen or some did not like him at all as Edward, but I’m all for the love of the supporting cast, the Forks High Kids, owned that screen, they pulled off their parts so well it’s awesome, I personally enjoyed everyone’s performances…. and so we’re clear I’m 27 and I don’t care, I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!! lol

so enjoy this review!

Twilight (:

Posted by: hangukdrama on: December 17, 2008

Yes, I admit that I’m one of those girls that are currently going gaga over the Twilight series (: To think I was actually anti Twilight for awhile. I’ve never heard of the series until one day when I was shopping with my friend and she commented on how she thinks Robert Pattinson isn’t a good cast as Edward. At that point of time I went ‘uhh. okay.’ And 2 days ago, we decided to watch a movie and I picked Twilight. and.. I’m hooked. 

I guess it’s better for me to start on the movie and then the books. Thus I am more than totally fine with Robert Pattinson as Edward. The rest of the cast were great too. I especially like Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie. oh I just ran a search on him and found out that he’s of Korean heritage. haha wow. maybe that explains why I’m drawn to him? haha



okay back to my point. Yesterday I was at Sans bookshop (cheaper and nicely wrapped) and they had ALL 4 books on the shelves. I decided to just buy Twilight first to try out. And when I went back today to get the rest of the series, everything was gone except Breaking Dawn. I guess Singapore’s pretty out of stock on the series right now. Popular has quite a number of copies of Eclipse but I’m not sure whether it will still be there tmr. After calling the entire Sans bookshop chain, I finally found New Moon at United Squre. and I reserved it (:

Turns out that they were out of stock for Eclipse. hmm but I decided to try my luck and not buy Breaking Dawn yet. hmm I’m not sure if that is the correct choice. I’ll probably flip and die if they are out of Breaking Dawn when I want it. Okay I’ll stop ranting. I sound absolutely like a 16 year old teenage girl (which I no longer am). I need to act my age.

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