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Intermission @ Work – New Moon Gets a Director: Fans Probably Won’t Care

December 15, 2008

source: Intermission @ Work

This story fueled my fire this afternoon, I’m getting sick, and reading this doesn’t help and  just pissed me off slightly,  I posted my 2 cents and you all should too.

I posted the story first and my comment about it is below the story.

I’ve just read from a couple places (Variety and The Brock and Roll Blog), that Chris Weitz has been tapped to direct New Moon.  For those of you who haven’t caught onto the Twilight bandwagon, New Moon is the second in a series of books written by Stephanie Meyer.  The basic plotline is that there are vampires among us, and the main character, Bella, falls in love with one of them, Edward.Crazy things happen to the two as various conflicts arise, werewolves, and other vampires come after Bella.  Edward also has some sort of dark teenage angst where he can’t control himself cuz he wants to drink Bella’s blood, but at the same time doesn’t.

But let’s get to the point here.  While its interesting news to me, being very interested in the film industry, will fans of the movies really care who directs them?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Yes, there are some film buffs out there who really care who directs their films, but a majority of moviegoers who will go out to see Twilight aren’t in that category.  Summit had released Catherine Hardwicke from her duties for the second film because they were not happy with the way the film turned out; I can understand that.  I saw the movie myself and was less than impressed with the way it looked.  However, the movie has still brought in over $144 million domestically, and that’s no small feat.

As for Chris Weitz, this is obviously a good thing for him and a potential big payday.  Like I’ve said, the fans of these movies will likely come out as long as the movie doesn’t totally suck, and even if it does they will see it at least once.  His most recent work came in directing The Golden Compass. Weitz also wrote the film, which wasn’t a domestic success but performed well overseas, bringing in $300 million total.

What is most important to Twilight fans is that Robert Pattinson will be back to reprise his role as Edward Cullen, and Kristen Bell will be back to play Bella (though I’m not sure how many people were fans of her).  The film should be released in 2010, with Melissa Rosenberg, who penned the first screenplay, also penning this one.  While this series is definitely not as big as Harry Potter, you can’t deny that it has had some success, and a new director should have little impact on the second film.  Now if he does a great job, then it will be good for him and the third film…. but I don’t really see people caring about Weitz at all.

Here is my 2 cents about this story….

The fans DO care who directs the film if you haven’t checked, fans around the world supported Catherine and were furious with the fact that Catherine was let go, you obviously don’t know how the fanbase feels, we all care about the thought that Taylor Lautner may not reprise his role as Jacob Black, there are tons of petitions out there supporting Taylor and do not want to see him go. MTV has been following the Twilight movie before it came to screen and fans have been putting their 2 cents in about how they feel about the choice of Chris Weitz and about Taylor not playing Jacob.

We as fans are not dumb when it comes to how film production works either, alot of the larger Twilight websites have been invited on set and got to meet Catherine and the cast and supported Catherine through out the whole filming of Twilight and were devastated to find out she was not returning.  Alot of fans I’ve seen posts from in numerous forums come from an acting background or working their way into the business you know? And those of us who aren’t of an acting or production background still know what’s good and what’s not great for the film, we’ve read the books a million times and have seen what each scene looks like in our heads. Catherine brought our visions to life with what she did with Twilight, so Chris has alot to live up to. The Twilight fanbase will not tolerate a shitty sequel and most will not go see the movie if Taylor is not cast as Jacob.

Also you should get your facts straight it’s not “Kristen BELL” that is portraying Bella Swan it’s Kristen STEWART.” Nice proof reading. 🙂

Maybe you should do a little more research on the books, the fandom and maybe visit some of the the established Twilight websites and see the effect of changing directors and the possible changing of Taylor Lautner has on all of us fans.

If you want the links go to the official Twilight Movie website and view all those links they have. TwilightMOMs, The Twilight Lexicon,, Twilighters Anonymous, Twilight Coven, Philippines, Novel Novice Twilight, His Golden Eyes are great references just to name a few.

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