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My “Dream” Date with Robert Pattinson

December 13, 2008

LOL I had this funny ass dream last night about Robert Pattinson AGAIN! This is like my third dream date with the guy. Anyway this one was way longer it seems and alot more detailed at least from what I could remember.

Read on if you will, Sorry about the cussing, but that’s how it happened. You have been warned. 🙂

Again I met him at a party, I walked up to him and pretended to be all fangirly, asked for his autograph and screamed, and over did it jokingly and he just laughed was going to do the autograph when I stopped him.

“I”m sorry, I had to do it,” I said suddenly all shy, “you don’t have to give me an autograph, I just actually wanted to come talk to you.”

“No, it’s okay, it was quite funny actually” he smiled. “What’s your name?”


“Krystyna…. Would you like to sit down with us?”

“Shut up are you serious?” I asked shocked. then got up the courage to ask him what I wanted to ask him. “Only if you let me by you a drink.”

He’s like “What? I wouldn’t let you. I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I didn’t buy YOU a drink,” he smiled.

In my head I’m thinkin “Holy shit, I’m talkin to Rob Pattinson and I’m not freakin out…..keep it that way!!!”

“Okay, but please let me buy you one first,” I said as I called over the bartender.

He just sat there bemused at the fact that I HAD to buy him a drink. I just really wanted to show him that I wasn’t just some crazy fan you know?

“So Krystyna….what brings you here?” he looked up as the bartender dropped off his drink and he thanked him and tipped him.

“Well, quite honestly, I knew you’d be here. I heard that you were back from Europe and you frequent this bar…” I said as I just realized I sounded a bit stalkerish. “I..I…I mean I..ummm.. shit…I’m sorry. I uh…okay…I am a huge fan of yours and what not, but I just wanted to prove to you that just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I don’t want to just talk to you civilly and actually get to know you, you know.

He chuckled at my inarticulateness. He listened to me talk, and every once and a while threw in some of his thoughts and asked me more about myself. I couldn’t believe it was happening. He sat and talked with me most of the night. We went out together to have a cigarette and noticed we smoked the same kind! He kept asking me more and more questions about myself and he I guess liked hearing my answers. Lol… I’m a little goofy when I talk so I guess that made him laugh.

Anyway it was getting late and almost time to go so, I had to stop the conversation and get ready to leave. I’m sure my friends were wondering where the fuck I was.

I sighed “Rob, I really hate to go, but I’m sure my friends are wondering where I am and probably getting ready to go.”

He looked disappointed. “Really Krystyna? I was hoping you’d want to come hang out with us my friend booked a hotel room for an after party.”

What the fuck was going on here?! He asked me out sorta… I couldn’t say no. BUT I DID! Holy crap. I can’t believe I said no. “You know, I would, but I gotta work tomorrow.” What the hell was I saying? I can’t believe I turned him down, but I’m glad I did.

“Well, since you’re turning me down for our first date. I guess I’m going to have to take you out proper. I am actually performing here at the **Hot Topic Club (I’ll explain this later) this weekend. Would you come see me play? Then after we can hang out and maybe get something to eat?”

Holy shit, what was going on here!? He’s asking me out on a fuckin date? How does that happen? Oh yeah…..I’m dreaming (literally) Oh…wait….there’s more….

I couldn’t believe my ears. Robert “Spunk Ransom” Pattinson was asking me out on a date. I said okay as long as I can bring a couple friends to the show, you might have to take me home.”

“I am definitely fine with that.” He said as he slung his arm over my shoulder. “ I can’t wait,” he smiled and walked me out.


I am at my place getting ready and I walk into the bathroom and I see two of my friends doin coke! I freak out and dump it in the toilet. They get pissed, but I chew them out and give them a piece of mind. I don’t remember what was said there. But then me and my other friends head off to the club.

We are at the Hot Topic Club. I show up with my friends and I couldn’t find Rob anywhere. I couldn’t imagine what he would be wearing so I could spot him. Soon , I felt hands come up from behind to hug me and someone kiss me on the cheek. I spun quickly to see who had the nerve to do that and it was Rob!

“Hey Krystyna, thank you for showing up. I wasn’t sure if you were going to come out or blow me off like you did last weekend.” He winked.

“Dude I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” I lightly punched him in the shoulder. “I’ve always wanted to see you perform.”

“Well, tonight’s your night.”

As the band on stage finishes Rob kissed me on the cheek and walked away.

“And now, the man you’ve been waiting to see, “Bobby Dupea!”

“Bobby Dupea?” we all questioned. Right, when he used to perform it was under that pseudo name.

We all cheered and whisteled loudly. We found a few seats, but they were like huge la-z boy recliners! It was exciting to sit relaxed and watching him on stage! He looked so damn hot!!! Oh my goodness…if I could melt in my chair I probably would have.

Then he sang “Never Think” I think I about almost cried. He looked over at me when he sang “ Oh please I’m In love, I’m in love…” I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Could you imagine? It looked like he was literally saying that he loved me. LOL That’s how it felt to see him look in our direction saying that.

He finished his set and came over to us. My friends congratulated him on his set and talked to him more about his music. He would glance over at me and smile. I chimed in a few times, but I let my friends talk to him more since I knew I’d have my time to talk to him later. I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.

After like 10 minutes he came over and asked if I wanted to go out for a cigarette. I ordered him a drink and then I joined him outside. I couldn’t believe I was hanging out with Rob fuckin Pattinson. We chatted some more outside it was bit chilly and I couldn’t help but shiver a bit.

“So how does it feel to be on stage? Is it the same as being in front of a camera?

“Um…no not really. In front of a camera, I’m usually someone else. Being on stage playing my music, I’m me. No one else. I usually don’t think about everyone else when I’m playing, but I had to look at you, you kind of skipped you way into my thoughts,” he laughed and took a puff of his cigarette.

“You really looked at me? Not just in my general direction?” I asked with surprise.

“Yeah Krystyna, I looked at you.” He smiled and brushed a stray hair out of my face.

“Fuck, you could kill girls looking at them when you sing like that.” I said matter of factly. “Seriously, I was on the verge of tears when you sang Never Think. I absolutely love that song.” I looked down and sighed. “There I go sounding all fan-girly.”

He lifted up my chin and looked me in the eyes, I just about died in the palm of his hand, his green eyes staring into mine, he almost looked like Edward trying to read my mind.

“Don’t worry, I won’t look at you that way. To me you’re just Krystyna, let’s go,” he put his cigarette out and grabbed my hand and walked me back inside.

**okay after this point I don’t know what happened I must have got up in the middle of the night to go pee lol**

Back to the dream. I wake up and I’m in bed alone. I have no idea what happened and where I was. It looked like my apartment, but it wasn’t.

I checked my phone and I had tons of missed calls and text messages. It was about noon already.
What the fuck happened last night!? I thought. I got up quickly got dressed and checked my messages in the process.

“Where are you? Rob’s missing?”

“Have you seen him, has he stopped by?”

“Hey it’s Lizzy, Rob’s sister, I found his phone and he had your number as one of the last calls, but we can’t seem to find out where he is if you see him could you call this number?”

What the hell, where could he be!? I decided to call up my friends who went out with me last night and try going back to the club to see if we can retrace some steps. We got to the club it was a bit early so there was nothing going on inside, I asked if it was okay to see if we could take a look to see if there was an clues that would lead to where he could be.

We looked around the smoking area, the store, and the last place we decided to look was the bathroom. We all headed in the girls restroom, and were thinking about a new game plan. All of a sudden we heard rustling above us.

“What is that sound?” one of my friends asked as she looked from the mirror to above our heads.

“I have no idea “ I answered trying to listen really hard.

As I moved closer to where the sound was coming from the ceiling gave way and something came tumbling down out knocking me down.

“What the fuck!? What is it? Get it off me!” I screamed.

After the debris cleared I saw that it was Rob.

“Rob what the hell were you doing up there?” I yelled at him trying to clean off what I could off myself.

“Krystyna! Oh hell, am I glad to see you! I was on my way out of the club when I was chased back in by screaming rabid fans!” I had to hide. The only place I could get into was the ventilation system. I couldn’t find my way back out all night so I kind of fell asleep. I got woken up by you guys talking and then hit my head and here I am.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” I couldn’t believe it.

“No, no, I’m serious.” He pleaded with seriousness. He looked at me with those soft green eyes and I couldn’t help but believe him. Shit, the fact that he was even at all interested in me wasn’t believable but here we are right?

After all the ruckus and everything got settled, he asked me to meet him later that night at another spot for drinks and for a more not so crazy night.

I got to the bar, and was waiting outside and who shows up fucking wearing an adidas tracksuit! Dark grey with red stripes.

I couldn’t believe what he was wearing. Lol it was hilarious.

“Rob, what are you wearing?!” I tried to stifle a laugh.

“What? It’s a track suit.” He looked down at himself in confidence.

“Really, a tracksuit. Rob, why?” I couldn’t help but blurt out a laugh.

“Why not, I think it looks good.”

“Honey, you look good in everything or nothing, but I… wow…okay.?” I approved, but doesn’t mean I am not going to laugh about it later.

“I’m thinking of playing a game of basketball later.”

“What?” I doubled over in laughter and fell against the brick wall of the club. “Are you kidding me? You play basketball? I thought you weren’t athletic at all?”

“Shows what you know. I’ll show you the skills I have.”

I laughed so hard, I really had to pee, I was crying it was so hilarious the thought of Rob playing basketball. I sighed and finally got that fit of laughter out of me and we walked into the club up to the bar. We ordered our drinks and sat down.

**this is where my dream ends….I woke up at around 9am and I wasn’t tired anymore so that’s the rest of my dream….* haha enjoy!

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