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Jackson Rathbone Blog Links For This Week

December 7, 2008


Here is an excerpt from a blog that referenced Jackson.

While roaming the net and reading articles about Twilight earlier, I found out that Jackson Rathbone will be in a thriller/horror called Dread. It’s based from a book about students documenting people’s fears. I want to watch it. It intrigues me. What would I do in the face of the thing I fear most? I’m close to addressing and facing my fear, but I am always on guard. It’s too scary for me though there were times I don’t mind talking about it. Carlisle was right, “Let the mind protect itself.”



Another blog referencing Jackson!

[ = Everyone one was “ROBBBBB. OH MY GOD HE’S JUST SO GORGEOUS.” so whenever they screamed that, we screamed for Jackson (quickly followed by Kellan).

[ = JACKSON RATHBONE HIGH-FIVED ME. When I screamed for him when everyone was screaming for Rob he turned around as if to scream “HELL YES” before running towards me and high-fiving.
what a cool kid 😀



Another Jackson fan reference.

I have seen him many times at Beautiful People, he had his charm, but I didn´t like the chara he played. And omg he was at Oc…and I didn´t know! I have to rewatch the third season now!! I collect like a freaky fan gal every pic I can get! He should be lucky, he is teh first western star I adore ( In the fangal way)!!!!!!

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