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December 6, 2008

source: RGJ

‘Twilight’ actors embrace quirky roles for good performance

Harry Potter may have some competition with his wizardry tales, because teen heartthrob Edward Cullen and the vampire clan have started a new fan base with the release of the movie “Twilight.”

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s series and starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, the romance has captivated readers in anticipation of the release of the first installment.

The movie’s followers parallel those of Potter: theaters filled with fans for the midnight showing on Nov. 20.

Now at the top of the box office, “Twilight” has more to offer than just the screenplay of the vampire story. The saga is popular with many non-readers as well.

The story begins when Bella moves from Arizona to Forks, Wash., to live with her divorced dad. She finds herself attracted to the Cullen family, a beautiful yet strange clan bound together by blood. She realizes they are vampires, and chooses to be with Edward, regardless of the safety of her life. Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz also star.

The movie is rated PG-13 for some violence and a scene of sensuality. I wouldn’t recommend it for elementary children, but it is definitely appropriate for middle school and up.

As an avid reader of the series, I enjoyed the movie in much the same way I do with other books turned movies. The length of the books makes it impossible to not cut down the story, but I felt the movie did a great job of representing the storyline.

There were two issues, however. Teen fans often chatted in the theater and squealed at Edward’s appearance. If you see it now, two weeks after it opened, the crazed fans will most likely have already had their fill and will not interrupt your experience.

Furthermore, I was disappointed with the makeup. While I understand that the vampire family had to look pale white, excessive powder was obviously applied, and there was a noticeable skin tone difference between the actors’ faces and the rest of their body.

On the other hand, the special effects were well carried out. The agility and speed of the characters truly showed and made the performances more real.

As a fan, I was also pleased with the casting job. At first I was unsure of the choice of Kristen Stewart for the leading lady Bella, but found her performance an excellent addition to the movie. Overall, the actors embraced their quirky roles and portrayed them accurate to Meyer’s intentions.

I’d definitely recommend it, even to those that have not read the series. I’d give it three stars.

Clara Ritger is a junior at Douglas High School who lives in Genoa and is interested in the entertainment industry.

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