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National Ledger – The Robert Pattinson Flirting Factor

December 6, 2008

source: National Ledger

Camilla Belle & Kristen Stewart: The Robert Pattinson Flirting Factor

By Angela Carson
Dec 4, 2008

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson says he doesn’t mind the rumors about what would be a very active love life.  The actor has been paired off by entertainment media reports and gossip to co-star Kristen Stewart and Joe Jonas girlfriend Camilla Belle as well.  Will it be the Jonas Brothers versus the vampires?  It’s still not clear but a report set for In Touch this week details a few of Robert Pattinson’s flirting moves, according to one insider that spoke to the magazine.

According to the source cited by the magazine Robert likes to act modest about his life when he meets girls, but an insider says that it’s all part of his act. “My friend dated Robert for a couple of months in Los Angeles,” says the insider. “She liked him a lot, but she believes he lied to her about things he told her when they first met.”


According to the report, Pattinson told a story about his upbringing in the suburbs of London. “Robert told her he was poor. He said his dad didn’t have money and used to drive cabs,” claims the insider.  According to officials at his former school, Robert, 22, was raised in the wealthy suburb of Barnes, where his father, Richard, imported and sold classic cars and his mother, Claire, worked for a modeling agency.

The family was comfortable enough to send Robert and his two sisters to Harrodian, a private school which cost more than $24,000 per year. It was at school that Robert first discovered acting.


Today, although Robert’s embellishments might have cost him a girlfriend, the actor says he was actually a bigger spinner of tales when he first came to Hollywood. “I’m not nearly as cocky as I was,” Robert says. “I just drank coffee and told everyone I was 24 and this famous theater actor just back from South Africa.”

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