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Twilight Coven Philippines – Debuts in at #1 in the Philippines

December 5, 2008

source: Twilight Coven Philippines

Twilight debuts at #1 in the Philippines

The numbers are finally in, and Box Office Mojo reports that Twilight has debuted at #1 in the Philippines on November 26th, raking in PhP84M ($1.69M) from opening day until the weekend, and leading Scaregivers (PhP13.89M, $278,365) and Bolt (PhP12.79M, $256,366), which also debuted last Wednesday, by a very large margin.

As of November 30th, Twilight is at #21 in this year’s local box office top grossers list.

Let’s hope more people go out to see Twilight, or go out to watch it again, and let’s hope it stays at #1 until the Metro Manila Film Festival season begins.

Congratulations to Viva International and Summit Entertainment, and thanks to all the Pinoy Twilighters out there for coming out to support the film!

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