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200th POST!: Update on New Moon Casting Call Info

December 4, 2008

So I emailed some of the larger Twilight websites out there to confirm the information I had about the casting call and I’ve finally gotten my answers.

Sorry for the late response on this. I’ve been sick all week and have been ignoring my email. We have a friend of a friend who works for the casting agency and she said this information is not correct. She has contacted the individual and asked them to remove her contact info from the site.

I hope that helps!

Kirsten Starkweather
Assistant Administrator
Media Representative

I’ve asked official channels no response yet.  I’m a little suspicious on several levels:

  1. Catherine isn’t oficially attached yet

  2. Lana Veenker did the Twilight extras/minor role casting and she was on the red carpet in LA. Where she kinda gave our person the idea that she’d be in the loop again.

  3. This is the only site with this info, Extras only has no listing.

Lori Joffs and Laura Byrne-Cristiano


The Twilight Lexicon

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  1. chrissy permalink
    January 5, 2009 5:41 pm

    does it say anything about when and where the cssting for certain charecters like Leah Clearwater and other charecters ? and is there any expierience needed?

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