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Actress Archives – ‘Twilight’ Director Seeking Bigger Budget

November 29, 2008
‘Twilight’ Director Seeking Bigger Budget For Sequel
BY: Actress Archives   |   Saturday, November 29, 2008
Greenlit just over 48 hours after its predecessor’s remarkable box-office opening, “New Moon,” the sequel to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” is said to be in a temporary state of flux as director Catherine Hardwicke urges studio Summit Entertainment to increase the film’s budget.
The film – which set a record for biggest weekend opening ever by a female director – earned $70.6 million in its first 3 days of release, almost doubling its estimated $37 million dollar budget. With stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart already signed on for the sequel, and with the third book, “Eclipse,” said to be “virtually a done deal” for the studio, only the question of Hardwicke’s return remains to be seen.
According to ReelzChannel, Hardwicke spent this weekend in negotiations with studio bosses, pointing out that financial restraints in “Twilight” kept her from some “very crazy, cool stuff that I wanted to do.” Hardwicke is also keen on filming on location in Rome and demands CG effects capable of “realistically morph teenage boys into werewolves.”
Additionally, the studio is going to be shelling out some big bucks to its leading couple.
Reported by the Chicago Sun Times, 22 year-old Pattinson and 18 year-old Stewart are set to receive over $10 million per future film, plus a “nice” percentage of future box office. When considering actor Taylor Lautner, whose character Jacob plays a large role in the sequel, hasn’t yet signed on for the second installment, the price tag for “New Moon’s” three principle actors alone could go as high as $30 million.
”I want to be sure that [the second film is] going to be done right,” Hardwicke told the Associated Press Sunday. “I don’t want to rush into it. It’s not like ‘Friday, the 13th’ or ‘Halloween,’ you can’t just do it super fast and knock another one out.”
Indeed, unless executives at Summit are willing to pony up loads of dough, fans might not get to see another “Twilight” film for some time.
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