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The Lompoc Record – Twilight Movie Review

November 28, 2008

source: The Lompoc Record

Movie review: ‘Twilight’ looks like dawn of lucrative new film franchise

By Jennifer Iverson/Contributor
Moviegoers familiar with Meyer’s books aren’t likely to be too disappointed with this relatively faithful cinematic rendering. While it’s pretty hard to compete with the imagery and creativity of a reader’s mind, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg manages to offer an emotionally charged plot and dialogue that oozes just enough charm and intrigue to complement the ensemble of carefully cast “eye candy.”

Along with Director Catherine Hardwicke’s “gauzy” cinematography and use of a lush Pacific Northwest backdrop, the overall “package” will likely be enough to entice die-hard Meyer fans and neophytes alike.

When her mother remarries, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) decides to move to her father’s home in the tiny town of Forks, Washington.

Bella takes her new surroundings in stride, exhibiting an oddly cold and disinterested attitude until she meets the gorgeous Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who appears to have an immediate and inexplicable disdain for Bella.

Troubled by this, Bella plans to confront him but before she can, he saves her (via superhuman speed and strength) from a near-fatal car accident.

This prompts her to investigate some oddities about Edward and eventually she discovers that he lives among a “family” of vampires and because he finds her so enticing he must constantly fight his desire to drink her blood and turn her into one of the undead.

Ignoring the obvious impulse to run away from him, Bella instead falls in love with Edward and he with her. The star-crossed lovers fight off an invading trio of blood-thirsty vampires and then vow to continue to make their unconventional love affair withstand the insurmountable obstacles ahead of them.

The casting of Pattinson is a benefit to this film. He has a captivating screen presence that is not always shared with Stewart.

While the film ends on an ambiguous note, it’s not likely to disappoint fans who know these actors will be back for the sequels, which are already in the pre-production process.

Providing the biggest box-office opening ever for a female director, “Twilight” is the kind of movie that will encourage new readership for those unfamiliar with the book series. That, along with a lively and teen-friendly soundtrack, massive clothing merchandising and future DVD releases, will help make this an enormously successful franchise.

(Three out of four stars.)

Based on the first of four wildly popular books by young-adult author Stephenie Meyer, “Twilight” is a romantic tale of teen love complicated by the usual angst of adolescence and the not-so-usual affliction of vampirism.


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