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November 28, 2008

source: iFMagazine


From the action scenes, to the stunts to reading the book, the actor that plays James tells all


By EMERSON PARKER, Contributing Writer
Published 11/28/2008

There must be a ying and yang in vampire lore. There’s never a good vampire without a bad vampire trying to much up his or her romantic escapades. It must a rule of the world or something that you have to have a good cop and bad cop when it comes to vampires.
TWILIGHT is no different. Cam Gigandet gets the privilege of playing the evil nomadic vampire, James, in the teenage romance of Edward and Bella, trying to mess up whatever romance the two may be developing.

My mission becomes to hurt Bella and Edward,” says Gigandet. “I guess in a way, hurt them. An evil way. And that becomes my obsession … to find them and cause them harm.”

The cool thing about being the bad guy is that it usually involves getting into the meat of the action, fighting with the good guy and showing off a range of powers that come across on film.

Gigandet loved every second. “[It was] grand,” he says “The action scenes were grand. It’s not like a little fistfight, everything is taken long, it’s compartmentalized. Which makes it hard to have a flow because every shot is so big and it takes, you know, there’s so many different camera shots, where it’s fun to watch. And then there’s parts where the stuntmen are actually doing the stunts, and so it’s definitely a challenge. But the end result is that it really does look amazing. You can see how much time and effort was put into them, which is, I guess, the point at the end of the day.”

Those stunts are, however, something he didn’t get to sink his teeth into, unfortunately for Gigandet. He says he’d love to do it but it just isn’t something he has enough experience in.

“Hopefully I will one day,” he says. “And I did simple wire work, but there’s things that are in this movie that I don’t think I have ever been done. They’re very dangerous, you know, at the end of the day, even if you’re on a wire or whatever, they are still quite dangerous.”

But the big question is, did he read the book? Yes! He read it while on the set of NEVER BACK DOWN that he filmed last summer, before getting onto the set of TWILIGHT.

“I read the book before I even knew it was a movie, before I knew anything,” Gigandet says. “And then a few months later, I found out, obviously. I knew that I loved the character of James, and I loved vampires that have this mystique about them that is—that everyone knows about. It’s not a big secret; they’re mysterious, and they’re scary, and they don’t have any rules.”

That said. He doesn’t believe that James is without a heart. He’s just doesn’t have the same moral compass or anything that’s human.

“So he still has these needs and these fears and this love that I think could’ve kind of manifested itself into something that was really kind of weird to me. And I thought that would be so fun to kind of try to understand what it would be like to be in that situation and to feel these feelings that humans don’t actually feel. So I thought that would be was a big thing.”

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