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Will Robert Pattinson Survive?

November 27, 2008

This makes me sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate what fan girls do, they go insane for a celebrity for what characters they play and completely objectify the person who plays that character and blur the lines between what is real and what isn’t. I’ll admit first hand that I’ve done that, but in the end they are still normal people and since the first time I found out that Robert Pattinson was playing Edward, I thought it was awesome, I do admit he is devastatingly handsome and his modesty is so damn charming I could just hug him to death, but I would love nothing more than to join him for a drink sometime and hang out. He seems like such a down to earth guy ( I know everyone says that about every celebrity and are disappointed most times because they met them at terrible circumstances i.e. they’re being followed by the papz, in a rush to go some where or something else) but I believe that he is. I listen to alot of his interviews and he seems like a cool guy who really can’t believe his fame has grown as it has. Same with some of his other cast members, Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre and Nikki Reed.

I really hope he doesn’t become burned out. I can tell it’s taking a serious toll on some of them, they look tired, and I know if I were to see them out and about I probably wouldn’t bother them. It’s enough to have millions of screaming fans at the red carpet, it’s another thing to be bombarded by fans when you’re just trying to get something to eat.

The reason I know that I won’t get star struck from meeting a celebrity, is because I’ve met my share.  Some have been super sweet, some have been totally rushed in signing stuff for us. I have always remained sane when they come by to sign an autograph or whatever. I remember I went to the KIIS FM studios to see this boy band (who did not go far, but I still listen to their music) and the girl next to me was crying. I laughed at her and said “Seriously, you’re crying? You’re stupid, they’re just normal people you know. No need to cry. They’ll come out and sign stuff for you I’m sure.” I already knew they would come out and talk to us fans because I had already spoken to them before they went in! LOL. Anyway my point is that if it were under normal circumstances, like being at the same bar, or club in LA and I saw Robert Pattinson, I would not scream in his face and beg for an autograph, I’d introduce myself, buy him a drink, and ask him if he wanted to join me outside for a cigarette.  It’s not that hard you know.  Shit I’d ask Kristen if she wanted to go to Canada and go smoke a bowl over at that Cafe in Canada! LOL

But whatever. I’m asking all the fangirls/moms/boys/tweens and teens stop screaming when you see these people. I’m sure the earplug makers are thankful that their sales have gone up since Twilight came out, but it’s getting annoying. Let them be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy the story below from

source: KansasCity[dot]com

Will ‘Twilight’ It Boy Rob Pattinson survive?

Pray for Robert Pattinson.

This may sound like a strange request, since the 22-year-old British actor is sitting on top of the entertainment world.

His performance as the vampire Edward in “Twilight” may have been treated harshly by some critics, but the film is a monster hit ($70.5 million on opening weekend, with a sequel on the way).

Moreover, Pattinson is Hollywood’s current It Boy, mobbed by swooning adolescent girls (and their mothers) wherever he goes. He’s the recipient of countless marriage proposals and, in the aftermath of “Twilight’s” financial juggernaut, he should be getting an early peek at some of the juiciest scripts circulating around Tinseltown.

So why worry about a guy who at such a young age has achieved the sort of career boost every young actor dreams of?

Because as quickly as this sort of fame can come, it can vanish.

The annals of moviedom are filled with the short careers and flaming burnouts of young stars who were declared the next big thing but who — because of poor career choices, personal failings, limited talent, incompetent management or plain old bad luck — weren’t able to capitalize on their first big rush of fame.

Pattinson appears to be a fairly bright young man. He may be talented … it’s too soon to tell.

No sign yet of raging star ego. He seems bemused and/or taken aback by the hysteria that dogs his every step.

He also seems terribly lonely — a kid who has relocated to L.A. where he has few friends and no family and whose freezer is filled with Hot Pockets.

Most actors achieve this level of notoriety only after years of kicking around the industry. Dustin Hoffman was 30 years old when he made “The Graduate”; Hugh Jackman was 32 when he made the first “X-Men.” They knew who they were before fame arrived.

It may not be so easy for Pattinson. Once you’ve achieved poster boy status, how do you know who’s really a friend and who just wants to bask in the glow of your hotness?

I saw a story on the news in which the mother of a teenage girl, lined up outside a theater to get “Twilight” tickets, told the reporter that Edward “is the perfect man … caring and loving even though he’s a vampire.”

That’s the character she’s talking about. It will take extraordinary maturity for Pattinson to keep reminding himself that these fans are in love with Edward, not with the actor who portrays him.

The good news is that despite what F. Scott Fitzgerald had to say, there are second acts in American lives. Especially in Hollywood lives.

For about six months in 1976 a model-turned-actress named Jessica Lange was all the rage for her role in the remake of “King Kong.” Then we saw the movie, and it was five years before Lange could climb back out of infamy to relaunch a career that would result (to date) in six Oscar nominations and two wins.

John Travolta’s career was considered dead in the water before he made “Pulp Fiction” in 1994. That film put him back on the A list, and he’s never looked back.

Sally Field has experienced several career rebirths. After her TV show “The Flying Nun” ended in 1970 she was persona non grata … until winning an Emmy for “Sybil” in 1976. For a few years after that she was known mostly as Burt Reynolds’ girlfriend … but roared back to win two best actress Oscars.

And for back-from-the-dead scenarios there’s little that can compare with the resurrection of Robert Downey Jr. and Dennis Hopper after drug and alcohol habits that by all rights should have killed them.

So I’m hopeful for Pattinson’s chances. But a littler prayer couldn’t hurt.

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  1. Fuzzie permalink
    November 27, 2008 12:56 pm

    Good thinking, well written.
    And, yes, I pray for him too. I hope he wont fail as human being. He’s honest, inteligent, and talented. I pray he’ll always be true to himself.
    Good luck, Robert!

  2. Brittania permalink
    January 6, 2009 11:04 am

    Good luck Robert. Im praying for you. I dont only like you as the character you played…but as an actor. I have seen Harry Potter, and your interviews, and you’re just a normal person that got blessed with an amazing talent. Not just a gifted actor but also and amazing musicial with a beautiful singing voicee!

  3. Nicky permalink
    March 3, 2009 7:52 am

    Yes. *sigh*. Though we in South Africa don’t have the celebrity craze to such an extent as it is seen in the UK or US, I still cringe when I find people storming up to our local celebs. It seems like they are so obsessed that they don’t realise that these people have their own lives they wanna live. Sure, some may argue, that the followers etc is part and package of being famous. But, c’mon, Have some empathy here. How would you feel if you were hounded for doing your job. To such an extent that you couldn’t even say hello to a frienc without some story being published around the world. Have respect. If they seem in a hurry, give them space. If they’re irritated, so are you some days. If they want alone time, give it. Ask politely and remember: just as you have a right to say no, so have they!!

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