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Twilight Movie Review – Blog: The Other Side

November 27, 2008

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A Movie Review

Moviegoers both book lovers and curious ones went to moviehouses to see one of the most anticipated film of the year, Twilight. But did it deliver? Did it reach the uber high expectations of Twilight lovers?

For someone who haven’t picked up the boook and read it, the movie gave a good overview of the whole book. Everything was packed in that less than two hours film, but for people who’ve read and loved the book, it could be noted that the phase was too fast. It was as if they really tried to squeeze in everything, but still lacked something. Some notable parts of the book wasn’t included (i.e. backstory of Alice). That’s enough for the content. Let’s talk about the score. I must say I love the score and the music. But this is very subjective. Some might not like it, but I sure did. How bout the actors and actresses? I personally liked how Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward (this sort of shy/angsty teenage vampire). Sure that wasn’t how I pictured Edward, but for me it was effective enough. Kristen Stewart sort of gave Bella a different dimension. She wasn’t that whiny and in the movie she kind of looked strong. Now to the bad guys, Rachelle Lefevre did an good job portraying the female villain. She looked like she could kick your ass while still looking sexy. Props to her. And Cam Gigandet (a.k.a. James), looked really dazzling. A fried of mine even told me that if a vampire looks that good, she’ll let him bite her. Ok enough about fan-girling. The casting department did a really good job casting Charlie, he really managed to look serious and funny at the same time. You could see the protectiveness of a dad to a young teenage girl. Team Jacob probably would have a bite on this because he didn’t have enough screentime. Well given that he didn’t really appear much in the book, so I guess it was justified. They better look forward for the next movie since it’ll be mostly about him and his clan. What’s next? The special effects; I have to get this out of my system, the sparkling effect made me laugh. It wasn’t how I imagined it. But given the limited budget, I’d take it. Ok so not that it’s out of my system time for the summary. In summary, it was an ok film, not that great but not bad as well. There are things to be improved on, but I know they’ll manage to that in the next film.

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