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Chicago Sun Times – Kristen Hates Interviews

November 27, 2008

I already posted another blog with a news story like this and so what if she hates interviews???  It doesn’t make her any less of a celeb, it might make her a little bit more difficult to deal with but so what?  People seem to be giving her shit because she looks like she’s medicated, or she looks pissed and doesn’t want to be there…well maybe she doesn’t?  But she should learn how to deal with it all because it comes with the job.  Rob Pattinson, and some of the other celebs have been through so many interviews they take it with a grain of salt and just humor the interviewer and get through it.  It seems with Kristen, you have to pull things out of her, but it could just be her personality. I don’t know, but *hugs* to Kristen, enjoy your Thanksgiving break and go smoke another bowl, because I’m sure Europe is gonna be just as bad as the US… Enjoy the story from the Chicago Sun Times below..

source: Chicago Sun Times

November 27, 2008

The pressure of fame clearly is taking its toll on Kristen Stewart as her career skyrockets, thanks to playing Bella Swan in ”Twilight.”

At the recent press junket for ”Twilight,” many of my colleagues in the television and print press commented openly on difficulties getting Stewart to handle even the most basic questions about her role or the film, based on Stephenie Meyer’s first novel in her vampire love story series. ”It’s not like we were delving into her personal life, asking who she’s dating, or whether she’d been to rehab,” zinged a well-known Hollywood reporter.

Stewart’s out-of-it demeanor raised questions among the gathered press over whether the actress might have been a bit over-medicated in order to face the parade of journalists.

No word on that, but Stewart’s fidgeting and frowning promotional appearances on “Today” and David Letterman’s show are noted in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, in which ”Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke admits Stewart has ”had a lot of trouble [with interviews]. She knows it’s important, but it’s not her favorite part of the job.”

That is clearly true — bolstered by comments Stewart was overheard saying behind the scenes at the ”Twilight” junket. ”I really, really hate doing this,” Stewart reportedly said to a studio staffer, who report the actress was extremely uncooperative and ”had to be begged to do anything.”

•    Adding to the image of Stewart perhaps relying on certain ”crutches” to help her deal with the onslaught of fame are photos of the actress released on Wednesday. They depict Stewart and an unidentified companion passing a pipe back and forth on the steps of the actress’ L.A. home. From the looks of things — and the specific size and shape of the pipe — it’s pretty clear the duo are not smoking tobacco.

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