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CANmag[dot]com Interview – Robert Pattinson

November 27, 2008

Robert Pattinson on Twilight

By Fred Topel | Image property of Summit Entertainment


Twilight Quad Poster

Boy, you ladies love the Rob Pattinson. Even though you thought he was wrong for the role of Edward Cullen at first, you came around to the dreamy brooder. That self-hating bad boy act is just irresistible.

Robert Pattinson is Twilight’s Edward

“I think he’s spent his entire life suppressing everything and is ashamed of himself when he lets his façade of formality break when Bella comes into his life,” Pattinson said. “He does not want to feel anything because he wants to make his world smaller and smaller and smaller because he does not feel like he belongs in it. He doesn’t know why he is in it. He just either wants to be a human or die because his existence is completely pointless.”

Well, maybe he should have thought of that before he chose immortality. “That is why he doesn’t talk to anyone or really feel anything in the book, apart from when Bella comes. He is literally counting the cracks in the wall and stuff. It is just like every single day is just exactly the same thing and if he feels anything he cuts it and shuts it down immediately because if you start liking someone or something he just thinks he’s this monster so he doesn’t let himself feel anything at all, even within himself.”

If all this emoting isn’t enough, Pattinson is a musician too. Us normal guys don’t stand a chance. He’s both the star of Twilight and on the soundtrack.

“I think Nikki [Reed] gave a CD of stuff I had recorded on my computer to Catherine Hardwicke and I recorded it years ago. I think Catherine just put it into a cut and then said ‘Look at this’ and she played it and it kind of worked. I hadn’t even realized what it was at first and it kind of fit really well. I did not really think about it other than that. I didn’t know it was going to be on the soundtrack or anything. I wanted to do it under another name because I thought it would be distracting, which it has been. So it’s probably all been a big mistake but I like the idea of it and I just think the song fit and I did not think it sounded like me. So I thought it would just work but I don’t know I’m not trying to get a music career out of it or anything.”

Also, the vampire thing is a metaphor. “It’s has always been associated with kind of goth culture and it’s become more mainstream now so everybody seems to be an emo now. I think it’s because young people feel like they don’t connect with anything anymore. There’s no such thing as an insider anymore I think everybody feels like outsiders and I think vampires are really the definition of them. I mean, anyone who preys on the rest of humanity is obviously going to be an outsider to society so I guess that’s why it is.”

And it’s sexayyyyy. “I’ve never really understood it. I guess all the other supernatural things are pretty ugly. They are either ugly or they are kind of silly. I mean, not a lot of music is inspired by fairies, or zombies for instance. It’s quite difficult to say ‘I’m obsessed with zombies. They are so cool.’ It doesn’t really work.”

Twilight is out in theaters now.

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