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November 26, 2008


“Twilight” Director Catherine Hardwicke Speaks Out
Written by: Jessica McCumber 25-Nov-2008

She says they got a few things right in the movie and that there will be a sequel.

After becoming the biggest debuting female director ever, with Twilight raking in a cool $70 million its first weekend, Catherine Hardwicke opens up to USA Today about her film and what fans really want to know about, its sequel, New Moon.

First, despite criticism by fans, she feels that her film did a lot of things right while bringing the first book in the Stephenie Meyer vampire saga to life.

“I do think we create our own world. We got that right. How it feels to be in an Olympic rain forest at that misty magic location,” Hardwicke told USA.

As for the central characters, Bella and Edward, she feels that the emotion behind their forbidden love affair comes across well on the big screen.

“The sexual tension between Edward and Bella was important to make it feel as if it were the book coming to life. The emotional elements had to make it to the screen.”

When it comes to the film’s sequel, which is expected in 2010, Hardwicke assures fans that there is no need to worry about whether young actor Taylor Launter will be big enough to portray werewolf Jacob.

“I’ve got this to say about Taylor. He told me the other day that he had gained 14 pounds since I last saw him. He’s only 16. I think he’s chanting to make himself grow.”

The director also apparently thinks a lot of her teenage fan base, because when asked about the possibility of becoming a vampire and what age she would choose to be, the director said she would opt for being a teen forever.

“I think I would go for Bella’s age, 17. That is a pretty fun age,” Hardwicke said.

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