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NY Daily News – Twilight

November 26, 2008

source: NY Daily News

‘Twilight’ sequel in the works – with Rob Pattinson, rest of ensemble cast

Wednesday, November 26th 2008, 3:18 PM

“Twilight” fans who can’t get enough of the first installment will be thrilled to hear that sequel is in the works for 2010.

All the major cast members, plus director Catherine Hardwicke, have signed on for “New Moon,” the second installment in the phenomenally popular series, according to new reports.

“It’s got werewolves, it’s got visual effects that turn people into werewolves, it’s got motorcycle stunts, you go to Italy. It’s probably twice as much as this [to film],”  Hardwicke told MTV.

The director is riding high after “Twilight” pulled in almost $70 million last weekend, the biggest opening weekend for any female director.

Aside from stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre Edi Gathegi and Taylor Lautner are also still in the mix for the next installment.

“We’ll be back,” Gathegi said. “I’ve got to clear my schedule no matter what’s on the books, because it was just so much fun to work on this film.”

Although the second installment takes a darker twist, Pattinson is already raring to go, saying, “The second book is my favorite book, so I’m quite looking forward to doing it.”

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