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MTV – Twilight Wednesday? :)

November 26, 2008

‘Twilight’ star Edi Gathegi Talks Breaking Records, ‘New Moon’

Hey Twilighters: Which “New Moon” elements do you feel need to be tweaked? Which should, above all else, remain the same?

Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi in 'Twilight'It’s always nice when good things happen to good people – so, after spending much of the past year following the cast of “Twilight,” we can’t help but be happy for hard-working Hollywood talents like Catherine Hardwicke, Peter Facinelli and the others who recently enjoyed the greatest success of their careers with the record-setting opening of “Twilight.”

Another such star is 29-year-old Edi Gathegi, a veteran supporting player on TV (“House”) and in movies (“Gone Baby Gone”), who is just now coming into his own as the nomadic “Twilight” vampire Laurent. Naturally, after the box-office results came pouring in, MTV was eager to catch up with the affable actor to get his reaction.

“I feel amazing,” Gathegi gushed. “It’s wonderful to be part of a hugely successful opening.”

As for his whereabouts during the “Twilight” opening weekend, he remembered: “I was in Cambridge, meeting fans all weekend, and trying to not think about how the film was performing, but every few minutes I would get text messages from friends and family telling me how it was doing. The estimates kept going up. It was surreal!”

As Twilighters know, the story of Laurent will continue in the next film, and Gathegi has already joked about his eagerness to “kick some werewolf butt – and then die.” So needless to say, he was excited by the news that cameras will begin rolling on “New Moon” in the spring.

“I am more than excited to hear about ‘New Moon’ getting the green light,” Edi told us. “It’s going to be cold up in Oregon again, but that’s what I live for. The work that is, not the cold. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I’m ecstatic to be able to re-live it all over again.”


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