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Kristen Stewart Air Head on Letterman – The Improper

November 26, 2008


Twi’s Kristen Stewart Air-Headed on Letterman; Here’s Why (VIDEO)

The hit movie “Twilight” has launched Kristen Stewart to stardom, as Bella the chaste love interest of a vampire. So far, however, she’s not handling her new found fame very well. First she appeared Nov. 20 on David Letterman and turned in a less than stellar performance.

Was she high or something? Sure seemed like and it turns she possibly was, judging from new candid photos. The curmudgeonly Letterman has little patience for vapid starlets and his interview with Stewart quickly degenerated into acerbic comments by the Late Show host. Of course, Dave is always at his best when he’s irritated and the interview may well be a classic.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a series of photos surfaced on celebrity Web site today (Nov. 26) showing Stewart with a chum blatantly smoking a bowl in public on the steps in front of her apartment. The slinky actress is shown inhaling deeply. No President Clinton excuses here. Was it pot? Most likely. It certainly unlikely to be Prince Albert.

What makes the episode especially funny is that Stewart plays a chaste, religious teen who falls for a vampire. There is no sex or violence in the flim, and critics are calling it tailor-made for the abstinence set, which would include the likes of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers.

The movie combines all of the melodrama that appeals to young tweens — forbidden love and a misunderstood, outcast for a boyfriend, who is sensitive yet strong and protective. The plot is based on a jealous rivalry and an uncompassionate society.

With enough understanding and attention, Bella is sure she and Edward can find true love and she can mend his neck-biting ways. Either that, or she can turn him onto a blunt in the sure to be filmed sequel.

View Video Here

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