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Is the fame too much for Rob & Kristen?

November 26, 2008

If you were them you’d be ready to go insane with all the publicity and roaming around the world in just a few short days and fans screaming so loud in your ear you need earplugs. When it comes to Kristen smoking. You know what who cares, if that’s they way she unwinds I say do what you want.  Celebrities are set so high on a pedestal, they’re normal people who do normal shit and if smoking pot is her thing I don’t care.  Hopefully it doesn’t effect her too much then she’ll need to cut back lol. I don’t smoke pot myself, but I know alot of people who do and it’s not that big of a deal to me. I’ve visited the New Amsterdam Cafe in Canada and everyone was real cool at that place in the Cafe part, the lounge…douche bags but, don’t judge someone just because the smoke pot. I bet you didn’t know the old guy next door smoked pot or the soccer mom down the street. Trust me, people you think wouldn’t smoke weed, totally smoke weed. It’s not just the typical people who smoke weed. Anyway read on.

source: National Ledger

Are There Kristen Stewart Pot Smoking Photos? Pressure, Twilight & Robert Pattinson


By Wendy Cook
Nov 26, 2008



Are there really photos of “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart smoking pot online?  AOL’s celebrity website TMZ.Com has a six picture set of the young star sitting on a step with some sort of a pipe in her hand, but it’s impossible to know what is in the pipe.  You’ll have to look and decide.  The pressure is on for Robert Pattinson, a report from In Touch details this week.  As Robert and Kristen are the hottest stars in the land one would expect that.

The magazine describes a scene at the Twilight premiere in LA on November 17 looked much like it does everywhere else Robert Pattinson goes these days: a sea of screaming fans all focused on him. But rather than bask in the spotlight, Robert, 22, seemed dazed and overwhelmed, which has become his typical reaction.

See the photos here of Kristen – what do you think?  “This is my life,” he said wearily. “People ambush me in public and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair.” The attention terrifies Robert, who has confessed to suffering from such intense crowd anxiety that he’s had “massive panic attacks” before book signings and even at the supermarket.

The magazine adds that he shared similar fears with his reps before the promotional tour. “I said, ‘I just don’t want to get shot or stabbed,’” he reports. “I don’t want someone to have a needle and I’ll get AIDS.” Though she doesn’t treat him, Dr. Gilda Carle, founder of, recognizes the warning signs. “His panic is telling him he can’t deal with this. He’s at risk for a crash,” she says, adding that he needs to learn to cope before it’s too late.

The report claims that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is worried, too. “I don’t think he’s ready to be the ‘It Guy,’” she says. “The transition is going to be a little rocky.” He’s doing his best, but Robert still stresses that success could ruin him. “That’s always a distinct possibility,” he admits.

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