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New Moon – My Thoughts

November 24, 2008

I love the Twilight Series, I loved the movie. Given the budget, they made a great movie, yes everyone thinks things could have been different and this and that. But let’s see anyone of us make a movie. I’m sure it’s way more harder than we think it is.

The people who worked on this movie worked really hard to make it for us fans and I think we should give them a little slack. Some of the critics were pretty harsh with some of their comments too.

For New Moon, I hope the script “that is already written” does that book justice too now with a new budget which should be more than what they had. My thoughts are they should have done some surveys or contest to ask the opinions of fans of what they would want in the movie to give them something to work with to pique our interest in going to see New Moon. Because by asking the fans what they would like to see in the movie, will make them want to go see it to see if what they asked for will be in the movie. I mean who will know the book more than all of us fans (besides Stephenie Meyer). We make perfect proof/beta readers!

I’d like to see how they work the werewolves in how they make them look and if they should choose someone else to play the characters when they are werewolves, who they choose.

I’d also like to go see some of the filming as well. I wouldn’t even be like those crazy fan girls who filmed it. I’d go just to watch it all happen. “Movie magic” as they call it is all very interesting to me. I’d actually like to do a mini documentary, video would be cool to see how hard it is to adapt a book to film especially something as big as Twilight is right now.

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are just a few books that have been adapted to screen. Alot of books are hard to adapt to screen due to tons of detail (Lord of the Rings) but I feel that we should all be happy that they chose to put these books to film. Because I am or else I’d have nothing to look forward to this year besides my birthday lol.

I haven’t been into something like this since Lord of the Rings and I’m glad that I have something like Twilight to keep me occupied since I moved away from home for the very first time. (California to Washington State). Thank you Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, Melissa Rosenberg, Summit Entertainment, all the Twilight fans everywhere, and the cast for putting out a fabulous film and bringing us Twilight fans closer, like family. 🙂

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