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MTV Interview with Robert Pattison

November 21, 2008

This has got to be my favorite interview now lol, besides the video of him attempting to play Rock Band ( almost put Rob Band lol) anyway….. enjoy!

Thank you thebelljar21 (IMDB user)!

A funny sit down interview with Rob with Larry Carroll from MTV. Here is an excerpt from the article linked below. Please note, there is a video there but I cannot embed videos when I am at work! Sorry!

Source: MTV
By: Larry Carroll

MTV: When we showed the big kiss scene at the MTV “Spoilers” taping, there were audible gasps from the audience. We wanted to ask: How do women react in real life when you try to kiss them?

Pattinson: Um, I can’t really remember. [Laughs.] I haven’t kissed anybody in ages. I don’t remember. I don’t even remember how Kristen reacts in the thing. She’s just kind of, like, blank, right? She’s just like, “Why are you being so slow?” So, I don’t know. Normally? I have no idea.

MTV: Well, once “Twilight” comes out, you might find yourself with a few volunteers for getting over the I-haven’t-kissed-anybody-in-a-while problem.

Pattinson: Yeah. It’s funny. You would have thought that doing this movie — and I’m supposed to be such an attractive guy or whatever — would open up the floodgates for lots of 15-year-olds to come in. [Laughs.] But it has the converse effect, because everyone’s so, “Oh, everyone must be throwing themselves at you!” And it’s like, “No! Throw yourselves at me!”

MTV: So the next time you’re out in public, you want girls to throw themselves at you?

Pattinson: Yeah!

MTV: Wow, you just opened yourself up to a world of pain, my friend. Now, we have some questions from the fans here, if I could hit you with a few of these: Imagine you’re stuck on a deserted island. What three things do you bring — and is a girl one of those three items?

Pattinson: Yeah, I guess a girl would be a logical thing to bring. [Laughs.] That’s one of them. I’d bring a guitar — that sounds so cheesy. No, if I had a girl, I wouldn’t need a guitar. So I would bring maybe a little pad and a pen and a satellite phone.

MTV: Very useful!

Pattinson: Yeah, I’d just [call somebody and] leave.”

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