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Twilight Premiere Review Part Deux – Arrivals!

November 18, 2008

Thanks again Gracie & Adrienne Can’t Wait for Part 3!

ArrivalsOkay first off we’re being told the stars would be arriving on the OTHER end of the red carpet and we were like CRAP!!! but…… but…….. you can’t always believe what they tell you cause we were right there for all arrivals!!! Now the highlights of our evening will have their own posts…. but the lil itty bitty things will get clumped together, kay?


So……. first arrival that we were aware of was Mike Welch, Mike Newton, and i think i recorded his interview but they asked team Edward or team Jacob and he said Team Jacob and then Later said Team Newton! lol so cute and he mentioned the fans sending him a butt load of socks and he wanted to know if anyone in the crowd sent him socks and he was like “Thanks so much!” or something, he was really cute…

okay we don’t know the exact arrivals and order, so we’ll mention what we remember from the main cast and then at the bottom we’ll mention other celebs we saw there

now as you see… Kellan does not have his own post *sigh* he never crossed the road to us… but thats not uncommon for this premiere…. i should explain the wristbands that krys had mentioned before we left… yes summit was giving out wristbands to get you on the red carpet, and you really needed to be the first 100 to be in the front… those people are the only ones that got the love from the Cullen Boys *sigh* maybe for new moon! but anyways… once kellan did the round with the media… i swear to god you could see his smile from where we stood 40 feet away!! it was BRILLIANTLY BEAUTIFUL!! it was awesome!! so our kellan/emmett love was very limited to a wave in our general direction…. but we still heart him so!!! It’s not their fault by the way… their handlers wouldn’t let them come over cause they never closed of the cross street, Broxton, so it wasn’t very secure…..we weren’t fully baracaded in and they were probably afraid of swarms, which totally makes sense, unfortunately *sigh*

since we can’t remember who arrived when and interviewed when we’ll just go through the cast and the ones that we actually got to meet and get autographs from will have their own posts so everything is going to be completely out of sequence, kay? HOWEVER, rob will have his own post, even though we didn’t meet him, kays?? cause there is SOMETHING to tell !!

We didn’t even see him!!!! we saw the very basic essence of him on the platform when he was doing the radio interview but we didn’t even know when he got there! there was no wild screaming of fans for his arrival… he totally stealthed in!!! We didn’t even see him walk into the theater or come out! (ninja b…. you giving him lessons on stealthyness cause daaaaaayem!) we had a CLEAR shot of the entrance to the theater! but anywhoooo, unfortunately nothing to report on him however, now that we’ve seen pictures from last night… we was so cute!!!!

Taking lessons from Jackson in stealthyness… we didn’t see her arrive either! Just suddenly she was there and interviewing! and her brother was her date!!! collective awwwwwwwwe!! We never saw her enter or leave the theater either!! geesh! but she looked pretty in the pictures we saw!

Edi, Edi, Edi…. so close… yet so far away!! He signed for the people right by the theater but didn’t cross for us (now keep in mind when i say this… my mind is a gumble and i’m not sure if it’s pre or post movie showing kay?!?! there are some that I will definitely remember…. but Adrienne is pretty positive it was pre-movie) So we saw him pretty close but once again brainfart and no camera-ness…. but adrienne just mentioned something important in the whole brain-fartingness…. we were yelling and screaming and jumpin up and down trying to get their attention to get them to come over and by the time that we realize they’re not…. picture time is too late oh well!

Anna Kendrick!!!
She didn’t come over to us… but!!! when they were bringing her into the premier she got stopped at the redlight right there and she rolled down her window and waved at us!!!! that was nice of her… unfortunately for one… couldn’t remember her real name and didn’t want to call her jessica…. and two brainfart and no camera… geesh striking out here!

Yup… no Bella love either!! but once again, handlers moved her right in and we saw her and she looked so pretty! but at least we saw her unlike with Jackson and Ashley…… And poor kristen… she was doing the radio interview and as she was doing that Cam was making his way across the street to the other corner *grumbles* and we unfortunately lost focus on kristen cause Cam almost came to us instead! but went straight ahead instead *grumbles again* but he was doing the cutest lil run across, for some reason reminded me of Austin Powers in the very beginning when people start randomly breaking out in dance…. lol

So i just mentioned that he went to the other corner and that he was so goofy and fun and then he did the radio interview …..and his voice is so much softer and nicer then the characters he plays, cause he does a harder, deeper, mean voice cause he’s always the bad guy!! So skip to during the movie… he left first from the movie… he signed right by the theater and we were yelling for him to come to us and almost did!! he did a goofy jump and a kind of pounce move at a car in the road and i’m sure the chick driving was like “oh god please jump in my car!” but he got quickly ushered into his awaiting vehicle but he looked soooooo good~ and once again no pictures cause we thought he was going to come to us *sigh*

Okay so we didn’t get any Jacob love either… however, just like with Anna his car got stopped at the redlight and he rolled his window down and smiled and waved!!! he’s so adorable!!! and so friendly!! and so *cough*HOT*cough* seriously… um… he’s really really good looking in person…. REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING!! (yeah Jen… he can imprint on me ANY DAY!!! ) he was 6, 7 feet in front of me and i was like ……… so then we’re waiting and another dark tinted windowed car comes by… and the window comes down…. and it’s TAYLOR AGAIN!!!! and he laughs and smiles and waves and looks all cute again!! When he finally makes it out of the car he waved over at us again, but that’s the extent of the taylor love but it was still awesome!!!!

Other Twilight People/Celebs
~Stephenie Meyers from a distance, she headed into theater and didn’t even look at us *sigh*
~Jennie Garth, she looked so pretty but also didn’t look at us…
~Jamie Fox, Adrienne saw him but I didn’t, go Adrienne!
~Daniel Dae Kim, Jin from LOST, i’m so sure i saw him but Adrienne didn’t see him, so i hope i wasn’t hallucinating….
~Lance Bass do I really need to say more??
~Paramore, they came out after the movie and jumped right into an awaiting car and we started yelling “Roll down your window!!” then suddenly the window came down and we could see the back of Hayley’s head and we started yelling and she jumped and looked over at us and waved and then put the window right back up!!!… the window going down was an accident which i find hilarious lol but hey, it was fun for us!

*now adrienne just went in with a client and she’s been reminding me of things and she’s not here to proof read this… so this will probably be edited in like an hour kays?????*

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