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Twilight Premiere Action by Gracie!

November 18, 2008

My friends Gracie and Adrienne were there with the massive amounts of fans and here is her first part of the story of being there at the premiere.


Okay….. so you guys ready for some reading??? being that my job can be unpredictable and at any time i could get a massage i’m going to do this in parts…. so don’t get all bent out of shape about double/triple postings kay??? it will probably also make it easier to read…..

11:00 a.m.

we arrive in westwood… drive past the westwood village theater and what do my eyes see??? Twilight!! and it’s taken over the Bruins theater as well!! Which is exactly how it went with ROTK… so i’m feeling good!… So we make friendly with these girls who have a prime spot and they allow us to put up our banner (which we don’t actually have a picture of! lol… but we made friendly with others in the crowd that took pictures and they’re supposed to email it to us so eventually we will have a pic of it) So anyways… we decided to go with “ROB! they LIED to us in San Francisco!!” then there was this truly sad and pathetic looking smiley face that i looked up online and copied …. i did a pretty good job too!! considering i’m not an artist! But anyways… our sign, was…. er…. confusing people… they kept asking how Rob lied to us… then we had to explain the hot topic fiasco… blah blah blah… then an overly skinny “industry” chick said that Rob wouldn’t come over because it sounds negative… so we decide to do a quick patch job! So i ran down to RiteAid and bought more posterboard… but alas there was no pink! so i grabbed yellow and we changed it to “ROB! we missed you in San Francisco!!” Later that same “industry” chick came back and said that it was much better and it even looked better (the yellow did stand out really well!!)

Okay so the actual changing of the sign happened at around 3-ish…..

(i’m editing here because i forgot a part….)
WE GOT INTERVIEWED!!!! They asked whats with twilight and we’re like “Read the book and you’ll understand” … People gave the typical, boring answers… but not us!! I told them how Adrienne got me hooked and I was in Vegas reading it and i was like “You know a book is good when you’re in Vegas reading instead of being in Vegas and going out”. The he asked is it true that girls want to get bit by him and I was like “I don’t i mean i do but that’s edward… I like Rob!” and I explained that Rob thinks it’s all Edward, all the character and i was like no it’s not its him! and i also said that he took the character of edward and made it even more hotter and then he asked adrienne if she wanted to be bit and she was like “I don’t want to be bitten but I would like……. *red faced* NEVERMIND!” *turning away and hides…. when she turns around….. CAMERA RIGHT IN FACE!!*…… this confuses me… as i am the one without the filter and she has a severely properly placed filter!! but it was hilarious all the same… i believe it was AMC news or AMC t.v….. can’t remember! (end of edit)

(Edit number 2…..) So the interview is over… they start walking away and they notice the lil blurbin the upper corner that says “The OBFGs totally Spunk Ransom!! So he’s like “What does OBFGs stand for???” and i’m like “Ummmmmmmmmm…….uhhhhhhh” and Adrienne, who got grounded for this and was told by me not to speak again until we were back in the car, said “It stands for the Orlando Bloom Files Board Girls! ” ME: *gulp* “Uhhhhhhhhhh” and so i told them about the board and how the whole pink banner thing started there with orlando for RoTk and we wanted to do it for twilight and basically the twilight thread had taken over and it was pretty much a twilight board now and yeah and he’s like “Yeah this is getting weirder and weirder….” *sigh……. closes eyes……. looks at adrienne and grounds her…* she so spoke though! 20 lashes with a wet noodle (end of edit number 2)

3:30 p.m. ish

*sigh* We got told by security that the spot we had been standing for the last 4.5 hours was not somewhere we could be…. Adrienne and I were like “omg… it’s san francisco all over again!” so me being… well… me started talking to the guy and told him our situation and of course he has heard every excuse in the book… but i was calm and polite and he was willing to help us out… so first he said he’d get one of us into a front row situation and Adrienne was the sacrifical lamb and tossed me her book to try and get signed and then this random girl came to me in tears and asked if i could get her sisters cd case signed and she was from minnesota and i said i’d try and then Adrienne went to go stand where they told us we had to be…. meanwhile we’re like what about our banner?!?!? so the security guard (his name is Alex by the way… we talked to him A LOT that night) moved the banner baracade to where they were saying we needed to stand but you couldn’t even see it and we weren’t even with it!!!! so we were mad… meanwhile… the choice corner spot that we had had… people started mulling about and he’d clear them away… so there was bout 8 of us arguing “no no no no!! we’ve been here all day!” so eventually we make our way back to where we were and Alex is like “Fine but if they make me move you again you’ll have to move” so we were like “Fine we’ll take our chances!” So eventually Adrienne makes her way back up to where i was and then we stand there and i’m like “Alex whats going to happen here?” and he’s like “I can’t tell you till 5:30. These things are unpredictable and i won’t know till it begins” okay fair enough…. So 5:00 comes and i’m like “Alex… look can we have our banner back if we’re going to stand here?” and he was like “Wow seriously?!?” and I gave some truly pathetic puppy eyes with some descent flirting….. and we got it changed out again! However… now we weren’t in the front! But Adrienne did manage to wiggle up there but she’s so short i could see right over her! so it was okay.

okay good thing i’m doing this in parts because this is pre-premiere!! lol this will be long and i will post pictures later as i am at work…. also because we were across the street we couldn’t see the interviews because there were so many freaking bright lights!!! which made pictures crappy as well , there was a radio station there interviewing everyone and so i recorded in the general direction to get the sound, so when i figure out how to upload it… you can listen to them but keep in mind there is a lot of screaming and detouring… like when kstew was doing hers… suddenly i was recording cam running across the street… i think! i haven’t seen them yet!!

so i have some homework to do…. but anyways theres a preview of goodies to come… oh!!! and my applogies and Adriennes as well as we would get so caught up in the situation… we would forget that we had functional cameras in our hands! and we would just talk to the celebrity and get autographs and pictures were an after thought and on our part… sorry brainfart and we appologize for it!

Stay tuned for more from the frontlines…….

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