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More Arrivals (Non Cast) – Twilight Premiere – Part Trois

November 18, 2008
Okay so at the end of that last one I mentioned other the celebs we saw…. well the ones mentioned weren’t the only ones… those were just the ones we saw from afar… we got actual love from three other ones!!!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny from Grey’s Anatomy)
So I don’t actually watch Grey’s so the autograph I got is so going to Adrienne cause she does and since she didn’t have anything for him to sign other then her twilight book which we were reserving for people that are actually in the movie…. but he was very friendly and nice and took pictures with people and he signed for everyone that wanted one… he was really really nice… like i would consider watching grey’s anatomy now cause he was so chill and nice and what not!!

Sean Faris
Now he’s the really cute, Tom Cruise-before-he-went-crazy look-a-like that’s in Never Back Down with Cam!!! What’s funny is Adrienne saw him and turned to me and was like “It’s the guy from Never Back Down!” and the reason she turned to me is cause she didn’t know his name and knew that I did!!  and the reason being is that like 2 months ago i randomly dreamed of him!! Kathy, you might remember me telling you about that, i dunno but anywhoo…. he walks right through the crowd back to the will call section to get his tickets to go to see the movie and as soon i saw him i was like “SEAN!!!!” lol!! But he came back through but he didn’t stop to autograph then, but he did when he came out after the movie…. Yours truly was the only one that knew what his name was! People recognized him, but yes because i dreamed about him and went and looked him up on imdb after that dream… i knew his name lol!!
But whats really funny is after the movie, he was signing for people that were by the theater and he was stopped at the cross walk to come over and i start yelling “SEAN!!” and waving him over and Adrienne’s like, “dude… he’ll get hit if he crosses now!” lol duh on my part… lol!!! but he was laughing all the same… but i think it’s cause i was the only one calling out his name! but by the time he made if over to us people had picked up on his name being sean and we got some pictures (adrienne took one of his butt when he bent down!!) and we got autographs!! he was so cute and of course… OF COURSE i had to be me and say something totally…. well dorky… and i was like “never EVER get rid of that mole, it is so adorable!” So yeah… i gotta be me!! lol!! oh and i touched him!!! he was getting ready to steal adriennes pen and we were down a pen (which will be explained later) so we needed it back lol so i tapped his shoulder and he looked *Sigh* and i told him her pen and he gave it back to her and she so over grabbed and touched his hand!!! *tear* i’m so proud of you adrienne!! She says “He has nice hands!!!” yay hand porn!!!

this last one, no picture… no autograph, we were in shock and it was just …. AWESOME!!!!

SETH Mutha-effin GREEN!!!!!!
So he was at the corner… waiting to cross and suddenly i hear Adrienne yell “SETH GREEN?!?!??!?!?!” Then her head starts darting around like a crazy, blind monkey and she yelped out, after having found where he was, “I LOVE ROBOT CHICKEN!!!!!” And me being tall i was able to look over and see him and he turned around and he was like “Thank You” with total and true appreciation on his face!!! And the fact that we had watched a marathon of Robot Chicken in the hotel room the night before was so funny and i was like “we watched a robot chicken marathon last night!!!!!” and we got another total and true apperciated “Thank You” and what was so awesome was that he had those fake vampire fangs in, the ones you have to glue to your own natural fangs… i just love that he “dressed for the occassion” LOL!!!!
But they weren’t letting him sign cause he was on the corner, in the street causing a comotion with his presence so boooo but the lack of pictures was our stupid star-struckness that i will always regrett cause WE LOVE SETH GREEN!!! And ironically we were talking about him on the way down to LA and while we were in LA and then we friggin saw him!! how freakin awesome is that?!?!?!?!?!? *sigh*…. dangit!

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