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And More Arrivals – Twilight Cast – Part Four

November 18, 2008

For those of you who just started reading, this is a first had review of the twilight premiere from the fan sections out front from two friends of mine Gracie and Adrienne. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Reaser!!!! *Esme!!!!*She was the first autograph we got!!! We were starting to get worried that we wouldn’t get any love at all but Elizabeth came over and we were sooooo happy!!! Omg she was so nice and she was so pretty!! And i even said “You are so pretty!” and she looked up and we totally had eye contact and she was kinda taken aback and said “Thank you” she’s very nice and soft spoken and she was patient with us and we were well behaved and they were trying to rush her and she wasn’t really letting them… they kept saying “one more and then we have to go” and she would sign like four or five and her signature was actually readable!! But they did actually make her leave our area and whisked her away to the other side before forcing her into the theater… they literally had to make her leave the fans… She has very nice handwriting and she was just so very Esme!!!


Rachelle Lafevre *Victoria!!!!!*She came running to us!!! Literally running (or as close to running that she could do with a mini dress and 4 inch heels) They were so rushing the stars to get them in and she was desperate…. DESPERATE to give as many fans autographs as possible! She was sooooo very nice and her voice was a bit hoarse cause she was talking to everyone so much and her actual tone was of total and true appreciation that we were there and that we cared so much!!! I totally dig her!! She’s amazing and she just kept saying “Thank you so much for coming out her guys! You have no idea how much it means!!” *jaw drops open…..* so down to earth!! we love her dearly!!! and she’s flippin gorgeous!! She was very calm with us as well… i mean given the chaos that twilight causes she was very aware of how excited we were and she kept us calm and collected and we just wanted to hear everything she had to say and we were so happy that she came to us before they forced her away and into the movie…. Just like Elizabeth, literally forced!


*little girl giggles come from both me and Adrienne*

Peter Facinelli *Carlisle!!!!*

Okay so the first thing we learned from this whole twilight thing is…. apparently Peter is one of those people that doesn’t photograph well… cameras just aren’t friendly to him…. I know you’re looking at us like we just grew another head going….. “dude he’s so cute! what are you on?!?!?!”


we were not prepared for this when he came over it was like *oxygen leaves lungs and we had a total keanu reeves “whoa” moment* His skin looked really soft!! and very smooth! and his eyes were nice and so was his mouth!!! *bites lip*

and yes…. i did say, later followed by Adrienne….. “oh paging DR. Cullen!” lol sorry i had to!!!! i mean C’MON!!!! dude he was sooo hot!!!! had to… HAD TO!!!

well peter, we love you dearly but you screwed up a bit… lol he signed the inside of Adrienne’s book in silver…. and the cover of mine (we left the actual dust jackets at home) in black *sigh* so now i have to get this stuff that you rub over it so you can actually see it… or just look at it in the light… cause it’s noticable… sorta!!! but it’s a big signature!! (well mine was, it was half the freakin cover so that at least rocks!!)

oh and in the interview he did with the radio show they asked jenny if she was team carlisle and she was like “i’m so team carlisle!” it was really cute!!!!!

i had a crush on peter before… well i had a crush on Carlisle before… now this is making it worse!! and i’ve brought adrienne with me!! muahahahahha

Originally Posted by punkrawkwahine
**Just got an email from Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) and he said that he did talk to Gracie and Adrienne and that they were very nice! LOL**

LOL!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he remembered us!! but you’ll see why in a min!!

*okay up until this point it has been in order of how we met the ones we were lucky enough to meet… however we’re going to go out of order for the last two…. Justin was actually the last twilight star we met but the Nikki one is like the absolute coolest!!!*

Justin Chon *Eric Yorkie!!!!*

So after the movie, Justin came out and was signing for people by the theater… he had no handlers to wrangle him around… no one rushing him into a car… he was just chillin doing his thing and I realized who it was and started screaming “JUSTIN!!!” and then people looked at me like i was insane and we heard “who’s justin???” to which Adrienne polietely, but with annoyance said “Justin Chon…. Eric Yorkie” *met with blank expressions* to which she once again emphasized “Eric Yorkie in the books” and then they either realized or faked it to get the wrath of Adrienne away from them… and was like “Ohhhhhhhhh!” and so we decided to yell together “Justin!” then the girl that i mentioned in the very first post with the Cd case to get signed (Michelle is her name, she ended up staying up with us in the area we got back into after we were moved….) she started yelling with us and then he got in the cross walk crowd and started walking like he was just everyday Justin… not in twilight…. and he was so like heading away from us and Adrienne screamed out “We know the girl that runs your official site!” and he kinda stopped and looked around and then we both yelped out something almost sounding like english saying different things but it all being about Krys and he came over and I was like “We know Krys, the girl that runs your official site!!” and he was like *stops, looks up…* “Really?? You know her?!” and i was so thrilled that he knew you by name krys!! and i was like “would you sign this for her?!?!” and he was like “Yeah!!!!!” and we were so excited we nearly forgot to get signatures for ourselves !!! so we got his attention again and he signed the outside of my book…. *sigh* in black and i was like “Justin, please in silver?!?!?!” holding out a pen and he grabbed it and tried to trace over what he signed lol!! he’s so adorable!! then he signed Adrienne’s cover in silver and then he signed other peoples in silver …. BUT!! BUT!!! at the end he held up two pens and said “who’s pens are these?!” and i thought it was so cute that he didn’t want to steal my pen!!! lol the girl that had the other pen accidently took mine and i was like “no mine’s silver!!” and so he took it back from her and gave me back my pen
He was so nice and sweet krys!! and we only knew what his name was cause of you and we got extra love for it!!!!

now with that said *we both hangs our heads in shame* we forgot to get him to say hi to you on video… hell i only got a picture of the back of his head!!!! Adrienne got a profile shot of him at least though! he so would have said Hi to you! and we even talked about trying really hard to do that for you while we were driving down there! we’re really really sorry krys!!! really truly sorry!!! *pouts*

but on a cute side note…. when we started screaming his name when he was across the street, his girlfriend took notice that we knew who he was and adrienne said she busted out a camera and took pictures of us yelling his name!! that’s so cute!!! we heart both him and his girlfriend so much!!! (we assume girlfriend… er… lets go with date!)

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  1. Khan03 permalink
    November 19, 2008 6:01 pm

    Ost.Twilight is marvelous.

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