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The 5 Most Anticipated Scenes From ‘Twilight’

November 17, 2008

I found this over on the Spunk Ransom Myspace. It’s interesting but there are other scenes I’d rather see. For instance the Meadow Scene, Blood Typing (which is not in the movie), and then the Kissing Scene ( for sure!), Prom, going to La Push. *shrugs*

What scenes are you looking forward to?


The 5 Most Anticipated Scenes From ‘Twilight’
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GeeksofDoom has picked five of the most anticipated scenes we want to see in Twilight. Here are their five. What is the scene you most want to see Robert in?

Source: GeeksofDoom
By: Empress Eve

“Bella & Edward’s Steamy Bedroom Scene

It’s widely known that Kirsten Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) auditioned for director Catherine Hardwicke with a hot and heavy bedroom scene. Every since this info got out, fans have been hoping that this scene would actually be in the film. Reports so far have been conflicting: yes, scenes were shot, but Stewart was 17 at the time, so it might not be used. A few months ago, Hardwicke said she did some reshoots, including the bedroom scene now that Stewart later when she was of age, but there are reports that we might not see too much anyhow since the couple does not even come close to consummating their love in the novel.

Edward’s Lullaby For Bella

Edward invites Bella home to meet his family, and while Bella isn’t physically afraid of the vampire coven, she is scared … that they won’t like her. It’s during this integral introduction that Bella learns of Edward’s musical abilities. Prompted by his family to play the piano for Bella, we learn that Edward has an extraordinary talent, so great that Bella feels insignificant in comparison. But just as Edward’s virtuosic piece finishes, he begins a more soft, sweet lullaby which he tells her she inspired. Obviously, it’s difficult to convey in the novel what Edward’s original material sounds like, so the film really needs to showcase this moment. The song “Bella’s Lullaby” is on the film’s soundtrack, so it seems as though we will get something from this part of the book.

Vampire Transformations

When the Twilight story begins, the Cullen Family have already been living amongst humans for over a hundred years without revealing their true nature. It’s only when Edward confides his secret to Bella do we begin to learn how he and the other members of his adopted family became vampires. What made Anne Rice’s vampire tales so much more than just monster stories was the disclosing of each vampire’s transformation. This is actually what the Twilight movie needs. I’ve been wondering for a long time now if the film would simply “tell” the Cullen backstory or if we’d be treated to some much-preferred flashbacks. Promo photos released last month (located at Twilight Freak) not only confirm several flashbacks, but also at least one transformation.

James and Edward’s Fight Scene

James lures Bella to a dance studio, misleading her into thinking that he’s holding her mother hostage there. When Bella arrives, James taunts her, playing with his prey before he goes in for the kill. When Edward arrives to save her, an intense fight between him and James ensues. In the novel, Bella falls unconscious, so the reader isn’t privy to how the battle was waged. It’s the film’s task to show (not tell) the viewers what happened, and judging from the trailers and clips released, it seems like we’ll get some good action sequences out of this scene.

The Prom

Upon reluctantly entering the high school gymnasium where the prom is being held, Bella said, “This looks like a horror movie waiting to happen” (most likely referring the famous prom scene in Stephen King’s Carrie). Since Bella is so klutzy and accident-prone and still recovering from her injuries, she fears having to dance, so Edward lifts her off her feet and glides her around the dance floor like only a strong vampire can. Just when Bella begins to feel some glee, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) arrives and cuts in on the dance to warn her against Edward (at his father’s behest). In the novel, this part is all too short, so hopefully it’ll be lengthened for the film because this epilogue not only fuels the fire of this love triangle, but also addresses Bella’s desire to be turned so she truly can be with Edward for all eternity.”

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