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New Interview with The Sacramento Bee – Robert Pattinson

November 17, 2008


The Sacramento Bee has posted a new interview and new picture! Nice!

Source: The Sacramento Bee
By: Carla Meyer


“The book “Twilight” offers what might be the most enthusiastic testament to male beauty in literary history. Edward’s looks are mentioned on nearly every page. Was this aspect of the role daunting at all?

Yeah, initially it just completely put me off the whole thing. They sent me the book about five months before they did the audition, and I had exactly the same impression you had. I thought, “This is just kind of pointless even going in for the meeting.” … I was just imagining, on the way to the audition, that I would be knocking on the door: “Hey, I’m here for the perfect (man) role.”

How are you handling all the attention? Are you surprised by the fans’ response?

Well, people just really love the book – obsessively love the book – and they just kind of switched their attentions and affections onto the film. It’s literally like a direct transfer. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but at the same time, I get it.”

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