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Twilight on new MTV Show: Spoilers!

November 8, 2008
Originally Posted by Aphrodite20

Ok, pretty hefty news post this morning. So, as some of you know, MTV has created a new show for movies called, “Spoilers.” The first episode airs on Nov. 14 at 7:30 pm and of course Twilight is featured on there.

Last night, almost the entire cast (Rob, Kristen, Ashley, Jackson, Peter, Nikki, Edi, Taylor, Kellan, and Catherine Hardwicke) showed up in LA for a taping of the show. The audience who were able to attend this got to see massive amounts of NEW footage. Here’s the list of the scenes that were shown:

(NOTE: Everything in bold is what was shown at the Rome Film Festival)

– Extended Ballet scene
– Bella’s Lullaby scene
– Edward taking Bella to the Cullens
– Edward taking Bella to the top of a tree

– Port Angeles scene
– Edward REVEALING himself as a Vampire to Bella in the woods (sparkle scene, anyone?)
– And finally, the KISS SCENE (where apparently – and remember to breathe girls – Bella wakes up to find Edward ON her BED and that’s where he’s all “I just want to try one thing.”) OMG, I’m going to pass out.

AND (gah… I’m doing a lot of editing to this post) a fan reported back from being at the taping session and said that they also showed the clip where Edward and Charlie meet for the first time and Charlie is cleaning his shot gun.

WTH? That’s like the whole movie… bwahahaha. In any case, you can read all about it here:…929/story.jhtml

(And yes, I do believe that’s a NEW HAIRCUT for Rob, kids).

You can view more pictures from the event here:…s.php?album=411

EDIT: Ok, so it suddenly occured to me that we would probably be watching those scenes as well when the show is aired on the 14th…


Orignally posted by OB_Lovely:

HOLY *dies* Okay first of all, I’m so glad he didn’t shave his head. He looks to die for!!! Wow….. My heart can’t take it. Wow…. he’s.. wow. Okay, bumbling idiot here. And second, I think I’m going to pass on watching those scenes when they’re available. I seriously think too much has been revealed already. Why do they want to spoil so much?! I know the show is called Spoilers hahahaha… but still. Just weird to me. I’m going to wait until I see the movie.

Again.. those pics!!!! Thanks for posting Bex. The best thing to wake up to!!!

Edit: And sorry but both RPattz and KStew look freakin’ hot. If they didn’t shag in the coat closet I’d be surprised.

Edit 2: Here’s a pic I found on Pattinson Online. Rob makes the best faces

…and one of Peter, Ashley and Jackson!

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